Pearl Restringing

What Is Pearl Restringing?


Strands of pearls are held together by delicate wires or threads. Over time, these wires or silk threads will stretch, fray and weaken. Even if you take great care of your pearls, wear and tear will accumulate, and eventually lead to breakage. It’s important to get your pearls restrung every so often to prevent this from happening.
Don’t risk breaking your strand and potentially losing your precious pearls. Bring them in for a maintenance check at Ware Jewelers, and let us restring them before any unfortunate accidents happen. 

How Often Should You Restring Pearls?

If you wear your pearls very often, we recommend having them restrung once a year. If you only wear them for special occasions, you can get them restrung every 2-3 years. Keep an eye on your pearls for signs of wear, and bring them in if it looks like the strands are deteriorating.
Here’s a tip for how to tell if your pearls need restringing. Most pearl strands have knots between the pearls to keep the gems from rubbing against one another. If the knots between your pearls look like they are fraying, or if you can no longer see them, it’s time to bring your jewelry in for maintenance. 

For Pearl Restringing in Alabama, Visit a Ware Jewelers Store Near You

Our team of jewelers has plenty of experience restringing and repairing pearl strands, and we would love to help you keep your pearl jewelry in top condition. When it’s time to get your pearls restrung, bring them to one of our locations in Auburn, Montgomery, Opelika or Spanish Fort for the attentive and efficient service you deserve.  
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