Alabama’s Best Jewelry Repair is Offered at Ware Jewelers

Jeweler Tightening Prongs

Alabama’s Best Jewelry Repair

We want you to Ware your jewelry for a lifetime, which is why we Ware Jewelers offer on-site jewelry repair and complimentary cleaning and inspection of jewelry at all of our Alabama locations. Proper jewelry maintenance is recommended every six months to insure your fine jewelry will offer a lifetime of enjoyment, but we understand that accidents can happen. No need to stress! Bring your damaged or worn-out jewelry to our on-site master jewelers, and they’ll get your precious piece back into tip-top shape!

Ware Jewelers has a full range of professional services to repair, refinish, and refurbish your jewelry. Our suite of jewelry repair services includes ring sizing, mounting repair, replacement stones for rings, re-tipping prongs, jewelry cleaning and polishing, clasp replacement and earring repair, gold repair and refurbishment, and custom jewelry design.

Our team of on-site master jewelers can repair and refurbish even the most damaged and abused pieces and will return your treasured design back to you in pristine condition after having undergone a high-quality jewelry repair. Let's break down the jewelry repair services we offer at Ware Jewelers so you can feel confident handing over your precious pieces to our on-site master jewelers.

Jeweler Sizing Finger for Ring

Ring Sizing

Ring sizing is one of our most common jewelry repairs. The fact is, sometimes a ring just doesn't want to fit. Our team of on-site master jewelers can resize your ring to fit your finger perfectly. We often complete this service the same day, sometimes even within an hour of drop-off.

Jeweler Inspecting Ring with Loop

Re-tipping Prongs

A prong is that crucial part of your ring’s mounting that holds on tight to your gemstone or diamond, so it is important to repair it if needed. Our team of on-site master jewelers will take a look at your ring to determine if it can be a simple re-tipping of a worn prong, or if a replacement prong is necessary.


Mountings refer to the head, shoulders, and shank of a ring. The mounting makes for a secure space for gems and diamonds to be placed onto a ring. At times, the mounting of a ring can become damaged, loose, or bent, leading to the gems or diamonds becoming loose or potentially falling off the ring completely. For our customers that want to adjust and tighten your mounting, or are looking to transform old or damaged pieces, this is the perfect service for you. Jewelry remounting offers an amazing option for customization, as mounts can be repaired and re-sized to allow for different gems and diamonds to be placed on your ring. Remounting can be done for jewelry repair, a simple update, or to achieve that new design you've been dreaming of.

Replacement Stones for Rings

Whether you want to upgrade your jewelry or replace a missing gem, a stone replacement repair might be an option for you. Ware has a wide variety of replacement stones for rings, so stop in and let our on-site jewelry repair specialists help find that perfect stone that fits your needs!

Jeweler Polishing Ring with Cloth

Jewelry Cleaning & Repolishing

A great cleaning, inspection, and polish is all part of the maintenance process essential to keeping your jewelry looking brand new. Bring your ring or favorite jewelry design into our on-site master jewelers, and we’ll return your jewelry back to you, spiffy and sparkly, in no time!

Gold Chain with Broken Clasp

Clasp Replacement & Earring Repair

Say you have a beautiful necklace, bracelet, or favorite pair of earrings that you love to wear, but the clasp is broken or has become less secure. Bring those pieces into our team of on-site jewelry repair specialists to get those clasps working like new again. Your earring backs will be repaired, if possible, if they are no longer secure, too. We want your piece to stay secure so you can WARE it longer with all the confidence in the world!

Hand Sketching Jewelry with Pencil

Custom Jewelry Designs

The possibilities are endless with our custom jewelry designs. More information on how you can make a jewelry design custom to your exact specifications can be provided after talking to a member of our team. Are you ready to build your dream custom jewelry design! Give us a call, and we’ll work our magic!

Be Re-Wow’ed by Ware with our Jewelry Repair Services Today!


Gold Repair, Refurbishment & Restyle

Jewelry refurbishment is the process of cleaning up your precious item to make it bright, beautiful, and ready for Ware again! Do you own gold jewelry that needs some attention? Gold is a naturally malleable metal, so it is prone to dings, scratches, and dents after repeated use. Our on-site master jewelers are well-versed in gold repair, so bring your gold pieces in and we’ll get to work on your next jewelry repair!

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