How to Remove Dirt from the White Gold Diamond Ring

How To Remove Dirt From The White Gold Diamond Ring

By: Dennis Wilson

Purchasing a jewelry is considered to be the biggest investment, especially when it comes to buy diamond ring. To keep this investment new brand, people do tones of efforts and looking for different of options. tried different things. If you are looking for the different ways to remove dirt from your White Gold Diamond Ring, then you should for sure read this blog.

Here, Amber Luck Ronning will educate you with the foolproof tips to remove dirt and keep white gold ring clean. The below tips will definitely help you to keep your ring clean and dirt proof.


By Amber Luck Ronning 

White gold has become a popular choice for engagement and wedding rings. I have a lot of friends that will only wear gold if it is white, mostly because of the shine of its finish. To maintain its luster, white gold will require regular cleaning to remove dirt, soap and lotion residue, and other oils that can dull its surface. Luckily, cleaning white gold is an easy task. You could take it to a jeweler for professional cleaning, but a good maintenance washing can be done with products that you may already have in your cabinets at home. If you’re going to pay for quality jewelry, spending 20–30 minutes once a month for a decent cleaning is a worthwhile investment. Here are some simple steps on how to clean your white gold. 

Steps for Cleaning White Gold 

  1. Gather your white gold cleaning supplies.
    You will need a bowl, warm water, mild dish soap, baking soda, a soft brush, and a microfiber towel. Keep a colander handy, just in case. If you think it’s necessary, you can purchase a cloth designed specifically for polishing jewelry, instead of the microfiber towel. Inspect the jewelry you plan to clean closely, looking for loose gems or damaged prongs. Do this to avoid the panic and heartbreak of realizing that you lost a stone down a drain. 
  1. Soak the white gold in a mixture of soap and water.
    Add a few drops of mild dish soap to some warm water in a bowl and give it a stir. Gently insert your white gold and let it soak for 10–15 minutes to help loosen any buildup. Never use hot water. Set a timer to remind you to take out the jewelry, as leaving it too long could damage some pieces. 
  1. Clean your white gold with a soft brush and baking soda.
    Form a paste by mixing baking soda and a little water together. Apply a little paste, and gently scrub the white gold using a soft brush. You can buy special jewelry cleaning brushes, but a soft toothbrush will suffice. Be careful not to scrub too hard. The last thing you want to do is scratch the surface or wear at the rhodium plating. 
  1. Thoroughly rinse the cleaners off the white gold.
    Rinse your jewelry under a gentle stream of warm water. If any cleaner residue is left to dry, it can dull the appearance of the white gold and attract more dirt. Be extremely careful because this is the step where you can really mess up. To avoid dropping a ring down a drain, a mistake that can take hours to rectify, either block the drain using the stopper or place the jewelry in a colander. 
  1. Dry the white gold and buff it with a soft cloth.
    Drying carefully will remove any leftover cleaner residue and help avoid water spots. Take a soft cloth or microfiber towel, and pat dry the jewelry on one section of the cloth. Make sure to remove any moisture from the crevices. Use another section of the cloth to buff the jewelry, shining it to maximum luster. All that’s left is to sit back and admire the beauty. 

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