Fall Fashion Favorites from Ware Jewelers

As soon as pumpkin spice came back, we knew that fashion was about to start taking a turn as well—time to put away our short sleeves and shorts to take on that cooler weather. As fall fashion comes, your accessories should change to match your style. So, while we explore the new or returning trends, learn how to pair it with an original purchase from Ware Jewelers.

Prep School Clueless

If you are a Gossip Girl fan, think of Blair Waldorf or Cher Horowitz in her famous plaid outfit from Clueless. Knits, headscarves, and argyle patterns will be making an appearance this fall, which means you will have a fun time pairing these looks with designer Roberto Coin.

Dainty earrings like these thick hoop earrings will be perfect for your pullover sweater.

It wouldn’t be prep without diamonds. This diamond by the inch necklace is long enough to layer, but the diamond allows it to stand on its own without feeling bare.

There is something about a bangle that adds to the whole look. This symphony princess oval bangle will have you feeling like a princess. Muted checks with this bangle for a bit of extra bling will help bring the outfit to life.

Punky Plaids

Time to let your rebellious side loose! It might feel like we are still embracing preppy, but although you could mix and match pieces for this trend with punk plaid, you should think more 90s rocker. John Hardy’s designs have always been a bit on the rebellious side, so why not pair it with this trend!

A big accessory that goes with the 90s punk are choker necklaces, but if you aren’t a fan of wearing something so close to your neck, then this next piece might be for you. This dot small chain necklace with a pusher clasp is close enough to fit the style without feeling suffocated.

Remember that leather jacket that made you feel like you could take on the world? Minimize the leather but not the feeling with this classic chain bracelet with black leather. Leather and chains are the perfect mixes for those bold plaid prints.

Metal Shine

Illuminate your cozy knits this fall with some heavy metal, and we don’t mean music. Famous for mixing silver and gold with many, if not all, of their designs, David Yurman can help you keep your cool this fall.

This crossover pendant necklace has an excellent mix of silver and gold that will contrast nicely with your dark plaid attire. Although there are plenty of metallic clothes to choose from, if you need to keep it more casual, then accent pieces by David Yurman are the right path to go.

Bring the metal to your ears with these Chatelaine stud earrings with gold centers. Gold, silver, and bronze should be scattered around your wardrobe this season, but muted metals like these earrings can add to your style without feeling like a disco ball.

Styles can come and go, but designers like these are here to stay. Don’t shy away from new bold trends and let Ware Jewelers supply your fashion needs.