Embracing Elegance: The Top Jewelry Fashion Trends in 2024

Embracing Elegance: The Top Jewelry Fashion Trends In 2024

Things are always changing in the dynamic world of fashion, and jewelry is no exception. We’ve been keeping an eye on what’s trending, and we’re ready to give you our report on the hottest styles for 2024. This year, we anticipate a fresh and fascinating mix of the bold and colorful alongside the simple and understated. In this blog, we’ll give you an overview of what we expect to see in 2024, and a few ideas for how to style these trends. 

Colorful Jewelry: Expressive Accents
Mixed Metal Jewelry: Playing With Contrast
Drop Pearl Earrings: Classic Sophistication, Modern Twist
Layered Gold Necklaces and Gold Pendants: Glamor and Versatility
How to Mix and Match Jewelry Trends

I. Colorful Jewelry: Expressive Accents

Young consumers have made it clear that personal expression is an important factor in choosing their clothing and accessories. As people seek styles that help them show off their individuality, colorful fashions are becoming more popular, and that means plenty of gemstones. 
Rings covering eyes

Colorful jewelry allows the wearer to be as bold in their style choices as they’d like. Whether it’s a dainty ring with gemstone accents or a chunky necklace with a jaw-dropping gemstone pendant, there’s a piece of colorful jewelry out there for everyone.

The allure of gemstones is that they embody both elegance and extravagance at the same time. But there’s more to the colorful jewelry trend than just aesthetics. Consumers also appreciate gemstones for their symbolic meanings. 

Every gemstone is steeped in legend and lore: historically, they have been attributed certain properties and associated with various moods or life events. For instance, in medieval Europe, sapphires were thought to bestow intelligence, and were prized by royal families who sought to make the wisest decisions for their kingdoms. Red rubies are linked with passion, while pearls are tied to purity and innocence. Whether or not the wearer believes these legends or not, gemstones can make a symbolic statement. 

II. Mixed Metal Jewelry: Playing With Contrast

Mixing metals–as in, wearing multiple metal tones at once–used to be considered a fashion faux pas. Now, though, mixing metals is a popular way to make a bold style statement.

Let’s face it: when it comes to fashion, there are no hard-and-fast rules. Sure, there are standards of dress that many people follow, but breaking those norms often leads to intriguing results. The hottest trends tend to come from flaunting convention, and the trend of mixing metals is one such example.
Mixed metal bracelet

Contrasting colors are intriguing to the eye. They create a sense of balance and enhance the vibrance of all colors involved. Wearing mixed metal jewelry also solves the age-old dilemma of deciding which color to wear each day–there’s no need to stress when you can simply wear both! And since both gold and silver go with pretty much everything, mixed metal jewelry is a versatile addition to your wardrobe.

When looking for mixed metal jewelry, Lagos is a great place to start! Their iconic Caviar collection offers a wide range of pieces, from bracelets to earrings, crafted from rows of sleek and sophisticated metal beads. Many of the Caviar pieces feature both 18k yellow gold and sterling silver. 

III. Drop Pearl Earrings: Classic Sophistication, Modern Twist

Since their discovery, pearls have been considered the height of refinement and grace. Iconic figures like Audrey Hepburn and Coco Chanel solidified the image of pearls as a timeless and chic accessory. Pearls have never gone out of style, but until recently, they’ve taken a backseat to other trendy jewelry looks.

In 2023, the pearl resurgence began. Jewelry creators have found a way to combine the vintage glam of the pearl with modern design elements for a fresh touch. Drop pearl earrings are one such piece, a fusion of classic and contemporary that every woman needs in her 2024 wardrobe. 
Drop Pearl Earrings

Dramatic and dynamic, drop or dangle earrings are exactly what they sound like: earrings with features that hang down below your earlobe. Drop pearl earrings come in an array of sizes and styles, from single gemstones that hang just below the earlobe to long strands with multiple pearls.

They’re a classic choice for weddings and other formal affairs, but that’s not to say you couldn’t incorporate them into a casual look. Incorporate a pair of drop pearl earrings with jeans and a leather jacket or blazer for an elevated everyday outfit. 

IV. Layered Gold Necklaces and Gold Pendants: Glamor and Versatility

We decided to talk about these two trends together since they complement each other so well. The common factor here is yellow gold. Yellow gold, once considered the traditional choice for fine jewelry of all types, had lost some of its cache in the past few decades with the rise of white gold and rose gold, but it’s seen a steady increase in popularity since the late 2010s.

Layering yellow gold necklaces allows you to take this trend to the max. After all, sometimes more is more. If you aren’t familiar with necklace layering, it’s a jewelry styling technique that involves wearing multiple necklaces together to create one cohesive look. Also called necklace stacking, necklace layering is a great way to curate a statement-making look. The most aesthetically pleasing necklace stacks often involve necklaces of varying textures, thicknesses, lengths and styles.  
Layered necklace

This brings us to our next trend: gold pendants. Yellow gold pendants make a great centerpiece for your layered necklace stack. A pendant necklace inevitably commands attention, drawing the eye to your jewelry. You can combine your yellow gold pendant with simple chains, chokers or even subtle pearl necklaces to help enhance it. 

Pendants come in a seemingly endless range of styles. Some are simple gold discs, while others feature intricate motifs and still others boast colorful gemstones. They are a great way to express yourself through your jewelry. Since they naturally catch the eye, pick a pendant that says something meaningful to you, whether that’s an expression of your taste or a pendant with a special motif such as your zodiac sign or a favorite animal. 

V. How to Mix and Match Jewelry Trends

One of the best things about these 2024 trends is how easily they can be combined. These styles are versatile enough to mix and match–yellow gold and pearls in particular will complement just about everything in your wardrobe. 
Mix and Match Jewelry

Balance is key when styling multiple pieces of jewelry. We suggest not overwhelming your look with too much of the same color or multiple bold, chunky pieces at once. Try layering some simple yellow gold chains with a yellow gold pendant and pairing those with your drop pearl earrings. You can even add a gemstone necklace into your stack for a pop of color.

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From colorful jewelry to understand pearl earrings and all things yellow gold, 2024 will be filled with a variety of fun and beautiful jewelry trends for us to enjoy. These trends are great for both jewelry aficionados and budding jewelry enthusiasts, and they’re easy to mix and match for endless coordinated looks. 
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