Designer Jewelry Brands We Love, at Prices You’ll Love

Designer Jewelry Brands We Love, At Prices You’ll Love

Everyone wants–and deserves–a little luxury once in a while, and designer jewelry is the perfect way to treat yourself to some elegance. But the world of fine jewelry can be intimidating, especially because people tend to associate it with sky-high prices.
If you’re worried that designer jewelry is out of your price range, we have some good news for you. Many of today’s most popular designers offer a wide range of products and prices, making high-end jewelry accessible for almost everyone. Designer labels like Monica Rich Kosann, John Hardy, Lagos and more have led the way in making luxury jewelry more affordable.
With designer jewelry more accessible than ever, we wrote this blog as a guide to some of the top luxury brands. We’ll give you some more information about these labels and the products they offer, including their price ranges and popular styles. Hopefully, by the end of this article, you’ll be ready to invest in some designer jewelry of your own!
  1. David Yurman: Elegance for Men and Women

    1. David Yurman Men’s Rings

    2. David Yurman Women’s Rings

  2. John Hardy: Blending Tradition and Modernity

    1. John Hardy Bracelets

    2. John Hardy Rings

  3. Roberto Coin’s Luxurious Touch

    1. Roberto Coin Necklaces

    2. Roberto Coin Earrings

  4. Lagos: Attainable Allure

    1. Lagos Caviar Bracelets

  5. Embracing Style and Substance With Monica Rich Kosann

    1. Monica Rich Kosann Lockets

  6. Designer Jewelry is For Everyone! Find Yours at Ware Jewelers.

David Yurman: Elegance for Men and Women

Jewelry design is a family affair for David, Sybil and Evan Yurman. David and his wife, Sybil, founded the brand in 1980. Both were involved in the art world, spending time painting, sculpting and working with ceramics prior to discovering their passion for jewelry design. In 1982, their son Evan was born. He joined the business in 2003 as Director of Design for their men’s jewelry collection, and the three have worked as a team ever since. 
Today, David Yurman is known for both men’s and women’s jewelry. This brand offers a wide range of price points, with a number of pieces under $500 and plenty under $1,000. With such a huge collection to choose from, it’s impossible for us to touch on all of their incredible work. But, their structured looks and fascinating designs are on full display in their men’s and women’s rings.

David Yurman Men's Rings

The signature structured look of a David Yurman piece is well within your reach thanks to this gorgeous men’s band in sterling silver, priced at $450.
David Yurman Helios Ring

David Yurman Women's Rings

This gorgeous ring is the whole luxury package, featuring a 2 carat amethyst center stone, diamond accents and a sterling silver band–all for $475. 
David Yurman Womens Ring

John Hardy: Blending Tradition and Modernity

Canadian artist John Hardy visited the Indonesian island of Bali after graduating from college, and found himself deeply inspired by the rich history of Balinese jewelry making. He founded his jewelry design house in 1975, working out of Bali. John Hardy started small, working with local artisans, but quickly found a loyal customer base and eventually expanded into an international company.
Hardy incorporated traditional Balinese techniques with his own modern design sensibilities to create a unique and captivating look. The brand is well known for its enduring Love Knot collection, which features a woven aesthetic symbolizing two souls intertwined in love. Over the years, it has added a number of other collections, including the sleek Surf Collection and the dragon-inspired Naga Collection.
While John Hardy has since retired to devote his time to charity work, his legacy lives on in each and every one of the brand’s intricate designs. It also lives on in his values of sustainability and environmental stewardship. To this day, the John Hardy brand uses ethically sourced and reclaimed materials in its jewelry.
With an emphasis on precious metals, John Hardy jewelry makes great jewelry box staples. Easy to mix, match and pair with any outfit, these pieces can elevate your casual wear or add a sparkling touch to your finest ensembles.

John Hardy Bracelets

The classic woven links that have come to define this luxury brand are on full display in this station bracelet, which boasts black sapphire accents for an extra touch of elegance. With proper care, this gorgeous piece, priced at $695, will last a lifetime.
John Hardy Bracelet

John Hardy Rings

This Naga Collection open band ring, priced at $695, is inspired by the power of a dragon, with blue and black sapphire accents sure to turn heads. 
John Hardy Mens Ring

Roberto Coin's Luxurious Touch

Vicenza, Italy is known as the country’s jewelry capital. Nicknamed “City of Gold,” it houses the headquarters of many renowned designer brands, including Roberto Coin. Approximately 20% of Italy’s gold and jewelry is produced in Vicenza, a city also famous for its breathtaking architecture. It’s Vicenza’s beauty, elegance and history that inspires designer Roberto Coin every day.
With a whole city as his muse, it’s no wonder that Roberto Coin creates hundreds of new designs every year. Roberto Coin collections typically have Italian names and use motifs that honor local history and traditions. The brand’s usage of traditional yellow gold, classic diamonds and pearls, and timeless structured aesthetics means that Roberto Coin pieces will never fall out of fashion.
Each and every Roberto Coin piece includes a small hidden ruby, noticeable on close inspection. This symbolizes the brand’s signature attention to detail, and demonstrates the high level of care and craftsmanship in every design.
Roberto Coin pieces are frequently spotted on red carpets, but that doesn’t mean they’re out of reach. The prolific designer offers a varied range of products, including something for every budget. While some pieces may be once-in-a-lifetime investments, the brand offers quite a few simple yet show stopping designs under $1,000.

Roberto Coin Necklaces

Roberto Coin’s Tiny Treasures Collection offers 18k yellow gold and high quality diamonds at prices within your reach. This delicate cross necklace is priced at $690.
Roberto Coin Necklace

Roberto Coin Earrings

Every woman needs at least one pair of gold hoop earrings, and these beauties update the classics with a twist–literally and figuratively. You’ll get years of sparkle out of these earrings, priced at $620.

Lagos: Attainable Allure

This up-and-coming brand was founded in 1977, but has rocketed to popularity in recent years. Master jeweler Steven Lagos runs the design house, based in Philadelphia, alongside his stylist daughter, Kate. With additional offices in New York City and Bangkok, this global brand fuses old world craftsmanship with cutting edge, modern aesthetics.
Since the brand’s founding nearly 50 years ago, the Lagos design team has created over two million pieces, with Steven Lagos estimating that he releases 400-500 new pieces each year. In 1994, he created the brand’s signature Caviar Collection. The Caviar Collection uses tiny beads to create a textured but feminine look. With a range of Lagos bracelets, rings, necklaces, earrings and even smart watch bands, there’s a Caviar look for everyone.

Lagos Caviar Bracelets

Lagos is perhaps the most affordable brand discussed in this article, with numerous pieces under $500, and many more under $1,000. Lagos’ price points and versatile styles make it a great entry point for those fashionistas stepping into the world of designer jewelry.
The signature Lagos Caviar bracelets start as low as $285 and come in a wide range of styles, materials and colors.
LAGOS Caviar Bracelet

Embracing Style and Substance with Monica Rich Kosann

Designer Monica Rich Kosann is on a mission to make jewelry that is not only elegant, but tells a story. Previously a fine art photographer, Monica Rich Kosann has always been inspired by what makes each person unique. This philosophy is visible in each of her expressive designs. The brand also offers plenty of styles you can personalize, including a wide range of lockets. 
Other collections include pendants and charms featuring Zodiac signs, birthstones, initials and empowering symbols. These pieces are made to remind the woman who wears them of her strength and grace. They’re built to last, too–crafted from only the highest quality gold, sterling silver and gemstones. Monica Rich Kosann’s values shine through not just in the brand’s exceptional craftsmanship, but in their firm commitment to social responsibility and sustainability. By supporting this brand, you can also support the good causes that they invest in.
If you’re intrigued by this brand, you’ll be happy to know that Monica Rich Kosann offers many pieces under $500, under $350 and even some under $100. Their silver lockets, for instance, are a wonderful way to get personalized designer jewelry at an attainable price.

Monica Rich Kosann Lockets

These sterling silver lockets are built to help you keep the most important things in your life close to your heart. The oval mosaic locket features a striking design, complemented by white sapphires, for just $355. 
Monica Rich Kosann Locket

The Elegance of Vahan Jewelry

The Vahan brand was established in Paris by Sacha Der Calousdian, whose roots in the jewelry business stretch back for generations. Sacha’s grandfather founded a jewelry company in the 1880s, which he later passed to his son, Arsene. Growing up with a father and grandfather involved in the jewelry industry, Sacha saw firsthand the art and passion involved in fine jewelry design. 

He studied across creative fields, absorbing lessons from architecture, fashion, and painting before turning his focus to jewelry design. He worked for high-end brands such as Hermes and Cartier before starting his own brand, Alwand Vahan, in 1968. Eventually, Sacha’s sons Greg and Cedric took over the family business and have been piloting Vahan through the brand’s continuous success.

Vahan Bracelets

Vahan’s collections feature gold, sterling silver, gemstones and diamonds–there is something for everyone among their luxurious designs! Vahan carries rings, earrings, necklaces and pendants. However, they are best known for their Moiré bracelet collection. These textured bracelets are designed to be flat on the inside, guaranteeing comfort and ease of wear, and they feature a hidden clasp to give the bracelet an unbroken look.  

You can find some Vahan bracelets for under $1,000 and even more for under $1,500. This sterling silver and 14k gold bangle bracelet with a cross motif is priced at $750.
VAHAN Bracelet


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Hopefully this blog has encouraged you to start exploring the world of designer jewelry. If you need some help getting started, we’re here to help. Come visit any of our Alabama jewelry stores in person, or check out these designer jewelry brands on our website. You’ll be surprised at how many gorgeous, attainable pieces you’ll find!