3 FAQs to be Considered for Jewelry Repair

3 FAQs To Be Considered For Jewelry Repair

By: Dennis Wilson

As you worn jewelry on the daily basis, so, over the course of time it may lose its sparks and shine or sometimes your pieces may likely to break. This may create stress in your mind. Worry not, today Quick Jewelry Repairs have brought top 3 FAQs that are must be pondered before getting your jewelry repaired. These FAQs can help you to get the high-end Jewelry Repair services:


By Quick Jewelry Repairs 

You’re in need of a jeweler to repair a keepsake watch or restore an heirloom jewelry piece.  Should you bring it to a large well-known jewelry retailer or a small local jeweler?  Who can you trust with your priceless piece?

Here are the 3 best questions to ask a jeweler before leaving your jewelry or watch with them for repairs: 

Are your jewelers and technicians Bench Certified?

A Bench Professional Certification Program establishes national standards to ensure proficiency of bench jewelers at various levels.  It is crucial that your jewelry or watch repair technician has received nationally recognized Bench Certification.  With certification, you can feel confident in the ability of the jewelry or watch repair technician to perform quality work.

All QJR jewelers and technicians are experienced Bench Certified jewelers with years of practice.  They are certified, background checked, and work under video surveillance for maximum security.  We believe that if we wouldn’t trust someone with our own jewelry, then we wouldn’t let them handle yours. 

Will my jewelry or watch be fixed in house or sent out to a different location?

In most cases the answer is a “No”.  If for some reason the repair requires additional services that the on site jeweler cannot service, we will first ask for your permission to have the item shipped or hand carried to the additional jeweler who can repair it.

We already know shipping your precious jewelry or watch can be worrisome, and we assure you that all jewelry and watch repairs are done in-house at our Quick Jewelry Repairs facility in NYC.  Our highly skilled jewelers and repair technicians are extremely experienced and can service almost any jewelry or watch repair need (we’ve been in the jewelry business in NYC since 1981!). 

What process do you have in place to ensure the gem/diamond I sent is the same one I am getting back?

We know this is a burning question for you when deciding to leave your valuable jewelry/watch in the hands of a jewelry repair service.  How do you now that the diamond/gem wasn’t swapped during the repair process, and it is in fact the same diamond/gem?

If you ask, an honest jeweler will be willing to take the time to show you your diamond under a microscope so that you can recognize the characteristics unique to your diamond (each is different and has individual traits). You should also ask to be shown the diamond when picking up, so you can feel confident that your diamond has been returned to you…. 

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