The Popularity of Diamonds: Then and Now

The Popularity Of Diamonds: Then And Now

By: Dennis Wilson

Diamond looks great and wearing it is a more amazing experience. Jewelry crafted from diamond holds a significant value along with the unmatched level of quality and beauty. This brilliance oriented stone is not new to people. Diamond has earned an immense popularity since the ancient time.

Historical Facts of Diamond

 The name Diamond is derived from the Greek word called “Adamao”. This means it means something that is too powerful to be defeated or overcome. Thus, people at that time have made diamond as a symbolic or you can romantic connotation to epitomize the love and trust. After diving into the mythological beliefs, we have found that diamond comprises magical powers that protect from any venomous attack or poison.

Discovery of Diamond

Diamond is originally first mined in India in the 4th century. In India diamonds have gained immense popularity more because of its brilliance and reflection ability. Ancient Indians used a diamond to fulfill their embellish motives, especially queens and kings from the aristocratic family use to accentuate their throne with it.

Diamond has also played a significant role in Indian battles. It was served as a talisman (Taveez) that is full of magical powers. This provides protection to warriors in battle. It also holds few powerful medical properties that were used to cure illness and wounds.

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Journey from Diamonds to Diamonds Engagement Ring

 Diamond as a precious stone has gain immense popularity among couples. As rings were used to signify the couple’s commitment in the interim, so, couples expected more to create that wow expression in the moment. Then in 1477, people came across new thing when Archduke Maximillian of Austria offered Diamond Ring on an account of the engagement ring for his betrothed. Thus, this has ignited the trend of celebrating engagement ring through diamond rings. This how diamond has incorporated itself into an engagement ring.

Modern Diamond

Jewelers and Diamontologist across the globe are looking further to improve the level of brilliance and the quality of diamonds. Many leading gemological centers like GIA & IGI have provided buyers with quality measuring report that offer scale to measure the elements (Cut, Carat, Clarity, and Color). Not only this, various diamond cutting & setting techniques are available in the market. Furthermore, the continuous development & innovations in the world of diamond have ensured an amazing experience for the wearers.

Since the history, diamond has its exceptional value as a jewelry and as a stone. That’s why couples have made this a part of their auspicious rituals and symbolize their love and wedding vows through a diamond ring.

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