Romantic Style Diamond Stud Earrings for Your Love

Romantic Style Diamond Stud Earrings For Your Love

By: Dennis Wilson

Every corner of the world is filled with vibes of love and romance and with this, every couple is ready to engage themselves in the conspiracy of the love. They look further to get the best possible gift for their loved ones on Valentine’s Day.

Finding a perfect Diamond jewelry especially Stud earrings is quite a daunting task, so, to make this thing ease, Josh Marion will provide you with the complete guide to select the gorgeous romantic style Diamond Stud Earrings.


By Josh Marion 

Because they are both classic and versatile, diamond studs make the perfect jewelry gift – even if they are a present to yourself. However, with such versatility, the style options for diamond stud earrings are practically endless. It can be hard to know exactly which diamond shape, what level of diamond quality, and which setting style will suit your or your loved one best. 

Use this handy buying guide to help you as you research and eventually decide on a gorgeous pair of diamond earrings.

 Quality Guidelines for Diamond Stud Earrings

 As you may have heard, the quality guidelines for diamond studs are not quite as strict as those for engagement rings. The reason is simple: engagement rings are more out in the open than diamond studs. People are more likely to ask to look at the diamond close up when it’s located on your hand for everyone to see. On the other hand, diamond stud earrings are often hidden by hair, and most people aren’t going to stick their face in your ear to inspect your earrings. 

So, “eye clean” means something different when it comes to diamond stud earrings. In terms of the 4C grades, clarity and color are not as important to diamond studs as they are to engagement rings. This is especially true for clarity; small inclusions and even some tiny external flaws will not be as visible on an earring. You can also get away with a lower color grade, depending on one’s tone of skin and hair. 

The one 4C grade that you don’t want to skimp on with diamond studs is cut. Ultimately, a diamond’s cut has the most significant impact on its appearance and sparkle.

Diamond Cuts for Studs

The most common diamond shapes used for stud earrings are round, Asscher, and princess cut diamonds. Basically, any diamond cut that lends itself to having equal proportions is well suited to be a stud earring. That is why the circular shape of the round and square shapes of princess and Asscher are so popular. 

On the contrary, marquise and pear-shaped diamonds are the least common diamond cuts used for studs. Due to their distinctive shapes, it is too obvious to tell when pear and marquise cuts don’t have matching proportions. So, it’s difficult to find two matching stones that would be suitable for a pair of diamond stud earrings.

Diamond Studs & Carat Weight

If you’re shopping for an engagement ring or loose diamonds, the carat weight that you choose is mostly up to your budget. If you’re buying diamond stud earrings, though, carat weight can play a more important role. The Setting, side stones, and diamond bands can all make an engagement ring’s center stone appear larger. 

Unfortunately, diamond studs usually have minimalist settings, meaning there is no way to “hide” a smaller carat weight. Also, keep in mind that if you are looking at a pair of diamond studs online, the “total carat weight” listed in the carat weight for the two studs combined, not each stud. Luckily, since you can save money on other 4C grades such as clarity and color, you may find room in your budget for a larger carat weight….. 

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