Most Important Characteristics to Consider While Buying Engagement Rings

Most Important Characteristics To Consider While Buying Engagement Rings

By: Dennis Wilson

Your wedding or engagement day is one of the most significant and most cherished events in your life. You not only invest financially in your wedding but also emotionally. You and your spouse will tie knots for life, and your diamond engagement rings are its physical evidence. Hence, you would desire to have the perfect engagement ring. And to shop diamond rings online or offline, it's crucial to know some of the essential characteristics of a diamond.

How to Buy Diamond Engagement Rings Online?

The most important characteristics you should see while buying engagement rings are diamond's cut, color, weight, and clarity. These characteristics determine the worth of your diamond, both price-wise and appearance-wise. Regardless of you are buying diamond wedding rings for men or diamond bridal rings for women in Auburn AL, Montgomery, Opelika, Spanish Fort, Fairhope, Pike Road, Birmingham, and Wetumpka, Alabama. Please inspect these characteristics to purchase a high-quality diamond ring at the best price.

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Below Explained Are The Most Important Characteristics Of A Diamond.

1 – Cut of the Diamond

When you buy engagement rings online, the cut is the most crucial aspect to consider. Cut determines the brilliance and sparkle of a diamond. A diamond with the right cut will have the best sparkle. High quality will give your diamond the best fire. But if the cut isn't proper, then however excellent color clarity the diamond may have, but it will still look ordinary.

Gemological institutes like GIA have identified five types of cuts, and they are – Ideal, very good, good, fair, and poor. An ideal cut will provide a flash of maximum brilliance, and it decreases as you move to poor cut.

2 – Color of the Diamond

Color is the second most crucial characteristic after the cut. The topmost quality diamonds are colorless and expensive. The color is subjective, and you can choose the color of your choice. However, it's important to note that the color of a diamond will affect the entire look of your ring. Intensely colored diamonds are rare to find, and they cost more. Colored diamonds are trending nowadays, but sometimes they can be expensive than colorless ones.

3 – Carat Weight of the Diamond

Carat is the unit of measurement used for weighing diamonds. One carat equals 0.2 grams. Even a little difference in the carat weight can affect the price of a diamond by huge margins. A variation of 0.1 carats in two diamonds will not be noticeable to naked eyes, but it will change its price.

When you shop diamond rings online, to buy the best ring, you have to find a perfect mix of a carat weight and cut grade. You can purchase a larger diamond with the inferior cut grade, but then it won't dazzle as you desire. Instead, you can go for a higher cut grade and less carat weight; it will give you a very impressive and sparkling diamond.

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4 – Clarity of the Diamond

Clarity comes last in this list of characteristics, but it's still one of the most important ones. Diamond is a natural stone, and it can have flaws internally and externally. Clarity determines whether flaws are present on a diamond or not. It also refers to light passing through the stone and affects its sparkle.

Some diamonds are flawless inside-out, while some have inclusions on the outer surface only. Flawless stones are not only rare but also expensive. Stones with slight inclusions are commonly available. If you cannot spot any inclusion on the stone with naked eyes, it will not affect its brilliance and fire.

To Sum It Up

Cut, color, carat weight, and clarity are the essential traits of a diamond. They change the way diamond look and its price too. By understanding these characteristics, you will never get duped while purchasing an solitaire engagement ring. Please keep them in mind to buy the perfect engagement ring for your spouse.