How to Buy Vintage Diamond Wedding Rings?

How To Buy Vintage Diamond Wedding Rings?

By: Dennis Wilson

Vintage jewelry is not just opulent and feminine but also invokes a sense of nostalgia in the wearer. Buying vintage jewelry can be arduous if you are not aware of the basics regarding vintage jewelry. Here are a few things to know about Vintage Wedding Rings to help you buy the perfect pick for you.

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Vintage rings can be broadly classified into four Era’s namely, Victorian Era that has flowers, berry fruits, and leaves as the notable features in the rings. Edwardian Era jewelry that was light, sophisticated and aesthetic with substantial use of filigree techniques in diamond and pearls set in platinum bands. Art Deco Era Jewelry was characteristically bright in color because of usage of colored gemstones and was adorned with geometric patterns.

The 4 C’s:

When buying Vintage jewelry it is of utmost importance to know the quality and value of the diamonds based on 4 C’s namely,

Carat: It is the unit by which the weight of diamond is calculated. A carat is equivalent to 0.2 grams. The value of the diamond increases with increase in carats.

Cut: The sparkle and brilliance of a diamond largely depend on the cut. It refers to the symmetry and proportion of the diamond facets. A brilliant cut diamond will always have more sparkle than any other diamond cut.

Clarity: Flawless Diamonds are rare and with rendered as highly precious. Yet, diamonds with flaws that are visible only in the magnified evaluation are worth a buy.

Color: The color of diamonds range from colorless to yellow to brown. Colorless diamonds are more expensive than yellow or brown diamonds.

Certification: All well-respected jewelers will provide an authentication certificate of the diamonds present in vintage jewelry with a GIA or AGL certificate that ensures that your jewelry is worth every penny you spend on it.

Purchasing Vintage jewelry

The first thought that comes to one’s mind when ready to purchase a vintage jewelry is where to buy it? The answer to this question is to visit a few independent jewelry shops that sell authentic Vintage jewelry. There are also a number of websites owned by independent jewelers where they list all the Vintage jewelry available with them along with authentication certificate. Browsing through these websites help a person to narrow down his choices along with giving an estimation of the amount of money that would be spent on the ring.


Last and a very important aspect is to choose a ring that fits comfortably on the wearer's finger as it would be worn day in and day out and should offer a calming effect to the wearer.

A wedding ring is the one that you would be wearing for a very long time so it is important to find one that suits your look, is comfortable when worn, doesn’t digs a hole in your pockets, is authentic when comes to GIA certification and fulfills the 4C’s test, then you are sure to have an unmatched Diamond Vintage Wedding Ring worthy of your wear and might as well serve as a family heirloom for generations to come.

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