Guide To Buy Gemstone Jewelry

Guide To Buy Gemstone Jewelry

By: Dennis Wilson

We all want value for every penny spent especially if we are spending it on gemstones either in diamond jewelry or on loose diamonds. Certainly, there are several reasons due to which our decisions of buying precious gemstones are far less than it should be.

Well here are little words of wisdom about how to invest in or buy gemstone jewelry for reaping the best benefits of it and owning the most amazing diamond jewelry. Also, we would like to bust a few misconceptions about gemstone enhancements.

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Firstly, the 4C’s that include the cut, color, clarity and carat of a diamond are mandatory along with the authentication certificate issued by the jeweler as it is the first benchmark for investing in a gemstone. Secondly, the term “gemstone enhancement” has caught up a fancy of many people. They think that ‘enhanced’ gemstones are a compromised quality of diamonds and other precious gemstones and hence, they shy away in purchasing them. But, it is not the case, whenever it is said that a gemstone is ‘enhanced’ it means that an effort has been put to make slight flawless diamonds available to the consumer at considerably ‘pocket-friendly price’.

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Flawless diamonds are not only rare but also cost a whopping price in a diamond market, on the contrary, an enhanced gemstones give one the same benefit of owning a diamond in much affordable price. Enhancement of diamonds mostly consists of heat treatments to intensify the color of colored gemstones like ruby, emerald, sapphire etc. To bring out the natural brilliance of a gemstone, various other practices like oil infusions and resins are also used.

Asking your jeweler all sorts of doubts that you are having when purchasing a diamond or any other colored gemstone always helps as they are there to help us in making a decision and just reaping benefits on our behalf along with a long-term customer relationship.

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