Comprehensive Guide to Choose Elegant Vintage Engagement Ring

Comprehensive Guide To Choose Elegant Vintage Engagement Ring

By: Dennis Wilson

Engagement Ring is not only a jewelry for a couple, it is a “Circle of Trust” that strengthen their wedding vows and make their life full of love and romance. To make their engagement a cherished moment and a surreal experience, the couple wishes to own the gorgeous ring to epitomize their unceasing bond.

Choosing a perfect Vintage engagement ring for a girl is a most daunting, especially when it comes to vintage style.

Diamond Engagement Wedding Rings AL Diamond Engagement Wedding Rings AL

So, if you are also seeking to buy Vintage Engagement Ring for your future bride, then this comprehensive guide initiated by the Experts of Gem Gossip can help you a lot.


By Gem Gossip

 So you know that she wants a vintage engagement ring, but what now? This handy and comprehensive guide, written by the experts at Estate Diamond Jewelry will hopefully shed some light on a journey fraught with potential pitfalls for the uninformed, and make the whole process much easier than it otherwise might be.

 A Quick Rundown on the Vintage Eras

 We believe that understanding the vintage jewelry eras is very important. These terms are repeated endlessly throughout the vintage jewelry scene, and recognizing the vintage jewelry eras is the first step to beginning to understand vintage jewelry.

  • The Victorian Era spanned from 1836 - 1901
  • The Edwardian Era spanned from 1901 - 1915
  • The Art Deco Era spanned from 1920 - 1939
  • The Retro Era spanned from 1935 - 1950

The earliest era is the Georgian Era, spanning from 1714 - 1835, unfortunately, there aren’t many genuine Georgian Rings available on the market anymore. Most of the genuine Georgian rings are not in a stable enough condition to wear on a daily basis. The Art Nouveau Era, spanned from 1895 - 1910, and partially overlapped the Victorian and Edwardian Era. The Art Nouveau designs and motifs however, didn’t really lend themselves to be easily adapted to the traditional vintage engagement ring. The rings shown above can be found here.

The Four C’s and Diamond Quality

The Four ‘C’s of diamond classification are Carat (size), Clarity (flawlessness), Color (how “white” it is) and Cut (the quality of the cut and how the finished stone appears). A reputable dealer will happily go over each of these with you for any stone that catches your eye. Even if you have a modest budget, it is important that you feel comfortable and have a good understanding of the stone that you are interested in.

Also, bear in mind that compromising in one area will get you a strength in another. If size is important to you, you may have to compromise on clarity or color to find a diamond within your budget.

The Classes of Diamonds

  • Carat - The larger the number the heavier the diamond weighs. One carat weighs 200 mg.
  • Color - The whiteness of the diamond. The whitest diamonds are ranked as a D. The diamonds get more yellow as the letters move closer to Z.
  • Clarity - The clarity of a diamond ranges from F (no inclusions), IF, VVS1, VVS2, VS1, VS2, SI1, SI2, I1, I2, and I3 (included).
  • Cut - The cut measures the perfection of the facets of the diamond. There are four standard rankings: excellent, very good, good, and fair. (Please note that antique diamonds tend to rank lower on this scale because they were cut by hand.)

For a comprehensive walk-through on everything that you need to know about diamonds, click here.

Determining Antique Diamonds

Vintage Determining the age of a diamond accurately is very hard, even for experts, but we can give you a few tips to help you at least determine if the diamond is old.

  • The culet - If you look down the center of the diamond and see a culet (a rounded facet at the bottom) there likelyhood of the diamond being old is extremely high.
  • The table - The table is the flat surface at the top of the diamond. Current GIA standards favor a larger table surface. Older diamonds will usually have much smaller tables.
  • The girdle - A frosted girdle is good indicator that the diamond is old.

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This guide will help you to acquire a perfect Vintage Engagement Ring that cannot help you would be wife to include old and classic taste to their styling regimen.

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