7 Tips to Choose Certified Loose Diamonds

7 Tips To Choose Certified Loose Diamonds

By: Dennis Wilson

Women are so fond of wearing and collecting diamond pieces that sometimes it seems they are more worried about the number of diamonds they have then the number of pimples on her face. Hhahhaa…(LOL).

Well jokes apart, buying a jewelry, be it Gold, Diamond, Pearl or Gemstone is a great investment you do in your life. In turn, you expect greater ROI that can refine your jewelry experience. If you are investing in diamond jewelry, you need to focus more on the quality and authenticity of the diamonds. If you want to get premium-quality Diamond jewelry, then consider buying Certified Loose Diamonds for your jewelry. How? So, if you are looking for the different ways to buy certified jewelry, then, Devorah Isenberg will enlighten you with the 7 points guide that can help you to grab the finest quality Certified Loose Diamonds.


By, Devorah Isenberg

Diamonds mean different things to different people. Besides being the proverbial girl’s best friend, diamond is the hardest known natural substance and the ultimate symbol of strength, durability and love, and one of mankind’s most treasured natural resources. To own a diamond is to hold all of that value in the palm of your hand.

You can buy a diamond in many forms—from the classic engagement rings to diamond-encrusted watches—but the simplest and most direct way to buy diamonds is to buy a loose diamond. A loose diamond is simply a diamond that has not been set into a piece of jewelry. Once you buy a loose diamond, you can have it set into the jewelry item of your choice, or simple treasure it for its singular beauty.

Buying a loose diamond is easier than most people think. These seven tips make it convenient and safe.

  1. Before you even start diamond shopping, you set a budget. Decide how much you can afford to spend on a diamond right now, based on your financial status and the purpose of the diamond. If you plan to get the diamond set or have a piece of custom jewelry made for it, factor that into your budget as well. 
  2.  To find the best source of loose diamonds, ask around. Talk to friends or coworkers who have bought diamonds in the past, and frequent several online diamond forums to find out where the best loose diamond merchants are. One friend may have had a great experience at a neighborhood jeweler, while online reviews may point you towards an e-tailer with great prices and customer service. Some vendors may carry proprietary brands not available elsewhere. For example, the internationally acclaimed A CUT ABOVE® Hearts and Arrows diamond is available exclusively at Whiteflash. 
  3. To ensure that you are shopping in a safe, secure and trustworthy environment, whether online or in a physical store, look for loose diamonds certified by a reliable gemological laboratory such as the GIA and AGS. In-house appraisals can provide additional information, but your loose diamond should come with an independent lab certificate to ensure that you are getting what you pay for. 
  4. When you find a reliable vendor, ask to see different kinds of diamonds within your price range. You will notice that as you decrease one factor, such as carat size, the diamonds in your price range will increase in other factors, such as cut quality. Which factor you emphasize is up to you, ultimately, but loose diamond experts recommend always buying the highest quality diamond you can afford, even if it is slightly smaller than a stone or of slightly lower color or clarity. But educate yourself well—sometimes increasing factors like color or clarity makes no visible improvement beyond a certain point…..

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This guide can definitely give you the in-depth knowledge and better understanding of the Loose Diamonds. Thus, to grab the finest quality Certified Loose Diamonds, you can rely on these points without any second thought. Explore more about Loose Diamonds at Ware Jewelers.