July, August, and September Birthstones

July, August, And September Birthstones

Your Guide to Stunning Summer Birthstone Jewelry!

What do the July Birthstone, August Birthstone, and September Birthstone say about you? 

The Stones of Summer

Were you born in the months of July, August, or September? Maybe you’ve wondered what your birthstone means or what the birthstones for the most awaited season are?! We at Ware Jewelers are here to guide you through the birthstone jewelry that represents the upcoming summer months with your very own birthstone chart write-up! 

If your birthday isn’t this summer, there’s no need to worry! With birthstone jewelry being unique, beautiful, and deeply personal, they make for a wonderful birthday or anniversary gift, or a gift that says “I love you” or “just because” simply due to each of these gemstones being so beautiful and radiant in their presentation!

Each birthstone possesses a symbolic and special meaning, making designs like a birthstone ring or a bracelet with a July birthstone, August birthstone, or September birthstone a gift that is sentimental, stunning, and perfect for any occasion!

What does each of these summer birthstones represent? Let’s find out! 


July Birthstone: The Ruby

What is the birthstone for July? If you guessed ruby, you are correct! The July birthstone offers a dazzling splash of red to this warm, lively season! The ruby gemstone is the star of the show for the month of July and we can certainly see why! Its rich red color is absolutely mesmerizing. 

Rubies are often associated with prosperity and abundance. Members of royalty often wore crowns adorned with rubies because they served as a symbol of good fortune and success. 
ruby necklace representing the birthstone of july

This heart-stopping ruby and gold pendant is the definition of royalty! Boasting a stunning ruby gemstone and .02ctw of diamonds upon its yellow gold latch, this radiant piece is the perfect balance of elegance and classic appeal.

The intense red hue of the July birthstone is meant to evoke deep emotion, passion, and love. A ruby accented jewelry piece like this dazzling ruby and diamond ring is a remarkabledisplay of love and affection for someone you hold close to your heart!

August Birthstone: The Peridot

For those born in the month of August, your birthstone is the exquisite Peridot gemstone! This birthstone is meant to resemble the lively greens found in nature, and one could only imagine its beauty when seen shimmering in the summer sun! 

The August birthstone, Peridot, is said to represent serenity, harmony, and good health. Its light, natural green color effortlessly dazzles the eye of any passerby, and this exotic pair of Peridot earrings would make the perfect jewelry piece for your next night out! 

The peridot stone is regarded as the stone of compassion because it is said to be symbolic of new life and rebirth. It is said that when this lovely stone is set in gold, like in this elegant peridot halo ring, the gem will protect its wearer from nightmares. 
peridot gem gold ring

August birthstone rings make for a wonderful gift for that special someone in your life, whether they were born in the awesome month of August or not! 

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September Birthstone: The Sapphire

The September birthstone’s deep, profound blue color is calming just to gaze upon. The sapphire gemstone is mesmerizing in its unique color, mimicking the intensity of the ocean itself. Sapphires draw ties from historic royalty and are symbolic of wealth, good fortune, treasure, and prosperity. 

This jaw-dropping sapphire and diamond bracelet won’t just make you look incredible, you’ll feel like it, too! This fantastic 5-station bracelet features a rhodium finish to not only give it a bright and radiant sheen but also protect it from any scratches and blemishes from everyday wear.
diamond and sapphire bracelet

Since sapphires appear celestial in nature, it is believed that wearing the September gemstone protects one from harmful energy and allows one to further develop their spiritual gifts. This gorgeous set of sapphire stud earrings could be the very next step to telekinesis! Kidding…but this precious stone will undoubtedly elevate your style!
sapphire stud earrings

Celebrate Summer with Birthstone Jewelry!

Every birthstone has its own special meaning, making it even more sentimental and symbolic for its wearer. Does your birthday or the birthday of someone you love fall within the months highlighted here in our summer birthstone chart? Do you feel the significance behind the stone matches up well with you or your loved ones? 

Stop into any of our 4 Alabama store locations, or schedule an appointment with one of our many trusted jewelers! We look forward to helping you discover a precious piece of birthstone jewelry that is sure to steal your heart and leave you feeling radiant this summer!