Fall Birthstone Jewelry to Make Your Autumn Shine

Fall Birthstone Jewelry To Make Your Autumn Shine

As the leaves turn golden and the air gets crisper, there's a feeling of renewal in the air. It’s no wonder that this time of the year, many people like to refresh their personal wardrobes. Whether or not you were born in the fall, fall birthstone jewelry offers a unique opportunity to update your look with a beautiful gift from nature itself. 

In this guide, we'll dive into the enchanting world of fall birthstones and explore a range of corresponding jewelry pieces, including opal necklaces, citrine rings, topaz earrings, pink tourmaline necklaces, and sapphire stud earrings.

  1. What is the Birthstone for September?

  2. What is the Birthstone for October?

    1. The Opal Birthstone
    2. The Pink Tourmaline Birthstone
  3. What is the Birthstone for November?

    1. The Citrine Birthstone
    2. The Topaz Birthstone

What is the Birthstone for September?

As summer's warmth gives way to crisp autumn days, the tranquil sapphire enters the picture. Those with September birthdays are lucky enough to share a month with this regal gemstone. Treasured by kings and queens across time, sapphire is a symbol of pride for those born in September.

Ranked among the "Big Four" gems (with ruby, diamond, and emerald), sapphires are cherished for their outsized historical significance and cultural impact. Their deep blue shades are both calming and visually stunning, mirroring the cool blue skies of early autumn.

A circle cut sapphire

Throughout history, sapphires were associated with wisdom and favored by the elite. To this day, they maintain a certain aura of nobility. We still feel like royalty when holding sapphire jewelry in our hands. In addition to being a stone of high society, sapphires were associated with virtues of truth and loyalty. 

On a scientific level, sapphires are a variant of the corundum mineral family. They come in all colors of the rainbow except red–red corundum are sapphire’s cousin, the ruby! Pink and white sapphires are particularly prized varieties, though blue continues to be the most popular color for a sapphire.

For a thoughtful gift to a September baby or even for your own delight, consider a pair of dazzling sapphire stud earrings. This timeless gemstone effortlessly adds elegance to both casual and formal outfits.

What is the Birthstone for October?

Halloween candy isn’t the only treat in store for October babies: they also get two beautiful birthstones to choose from. Opal stands as the traditional October birthstone, while pink tourmaline offers a modern alternative.

The Opal Birthstone

Opal's allure perfectly complements the shifting hues of autumn. With its captivating play of color, opals showcase a mesmerizing dance of nearly every shade in the rainbow. This shimmering gem reflects the brilliance of fall sunsets and the golden swirl of leaves.

Opals are typically depicted as milky white, but they come in various colors depending on their point of origin. Australia provides black opals, while vibrant fire opals hail from Mexico.

Throughout time, opal has been steeped in legends, with certain Middle Eastern cultures attributing its origins to bolts of lightning. Ancient Romans, on the other hand, believed that opals contained the essence of all precious gems within their multicolored depths.

A light blue opal against a white background

Whether you're an October baby yourself or a gemstone enthusiast, you’ll appreciate enchanting opal jewelry. Note that opals are considered a softer gemstone. On the Mohs hardness scale, they rank between a 5 and 6 (with diamonds being the hardest, at a 10). So, they're better suited for necklaces and earrings rather than rings and bracelets, which endure more wear and tear.

Opal necklaces naturally draw attention and make jaws drop. Whether in a delicate pendant or a multi-stone arrangement, opals can make any ensemble more exciting. Their color-shifting magic makes them a versatile choice to complement both daytime and evening looks.

The Tourmaline Birthstone

When we think of fall colors, we don’t typically think of pink. But that may change thanks to pink tourmaline, October’s alternative birthstone. With a range of pink tones, from soft pastels to deep rosy hues, this gem adds a hint of romance to the fall season.

Tourmaline isn't confined to pink; it comes in diverse colors, including black, blue and green. It can even form multi-colored crystals, including the rare pink and green “watermelon tourmaline.” Due to its many faces, tourmaline wasn't properly recognized as a unique gemstone until the late 18th century. Until then, it had been confused with other gemstones. Legend states that the first tourmalines brought to Europe by Spanish conquistadors had been mistaken for emeralds.

An oval cut pink tourmaline

Some believe that tourmaline improves the wearer’s intuition and creativity. Unsurprisingly, it has been historically valued by artists, writers, and actors. Besides being an October alternative birthstone, it's also the traditional gem gift for eighth wedding anniversaries.

A pink tourmaline necklace is a delightful choice for an eighth anniversary gift, an October birthday gift, or simply as a way to infuse some color into your wardrobe. Whether worn as a solitary pendant or alongside complementary gemstones, a pink tourmaline necklace makes a lovely addition to your jewelry box.

What is the Birthstone for November?

November is a month of gratitude and time spent with loved ones, but it’s also when those cool temperatures really begin to set in. We may find ourselves wishing for a bit of sunshine at this time of year, and thankfully, we have just that in November's traditional birthstone: the sunny citrine!  Like October, November offers a dual delight with topaz as an alternative birthstone.

The Citrine Birthstone

Citrine's yellowish glow mirrors the golden beauty of a fall day. Spanning a range of earthy tones, from yellow-orange to dark amber, citrine echoes the shades of falling leaves and autumn sunsets. 

A member of the quartz family, citrine's name likely stems from the French word "citron," meaning "lemon." In rare instances, citrine can even blend with amethyst, the purple variety of quartz, creating the mesmerizing ametrine—a purple and orange gem. While Brazil is the world’s primary source of citrine, it can also be found in Madagascar, France, and the Ural Mountains of Russia.

A collection of citrine in different cuts against a white background

Thanks to its sunny color, citrine is linked to optimism and joyfulness. Moreover, citrine was once thought to bring abundance, making it a fitting gemstone for this month of thanksgiving and gratitude.

Ranking at 7 out of 10 on the Mohs hardness scale, citrine can withstand daily wear, making it suitable for rings. A citrine ring adds a burst of warmth to the cooler months, whether as a solitaire or complemented by other gemstones. This delightful gem brings bright vibes and an elegant sparkle to your look.

The Topaz Birthstone

While pure topaz is colorless, the presence of trace minerals can color it beautiful blue, orange, and other shades. It has also been said to promote honesty and communication. Some ancient European cultures believed that topaz could be worn to ward off the evil eye. 

The etymology of its name is debated, with theories connecting it to Topazios, a Greek island once known for its topaz deposits, or the Sanskrit word "tapas," meaning "fire." Beyond being November's birthstone, topaz holds the status of state gem in Utah and Texas. 

Different cuts of light blue topaz against a blue and gray gradient background

Topaz’s soft hues effortlessly complement fall's subdued color palette. A pair of blue topaz earrings makes a lovely gift for a November baby, or for oneself. Let topaz spice up your jewelry box and give you a new look for autumn!

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Fall birthstones capture the essence of the season with their vibrant tapestry of colors. Whether you’re celebrating a fall birthday or simply admiring the beauty and significance of these gemstones, there’s a piece of fall birthstone jewelry that’s meant just for you. Each tells a distinctive story and lets you carry fall's beauty wherever you go.

So, as leaves rustle and the air cools, seize this moment to explore the world of fall birthstones. Come visit us at Ware Jewelers and let our team of jewelry experts assist you in finding the best fall birthstone pieces for your jewelry collection. With locations in Montgomery, Opelika, Auburn and Spanish Fort, Alabama, we’re ready to guide you through the enchanting world of beautiful birthstone jewelry!