An Engagement Ring Guide for Smooth Shopping

An Engagement Ring Guide For Smooth Shopping

Ware Jewelers Has Answers To All Your Questions About The Biggest Jewelry Purchase of Your Life

An engagement ring is likely to be the biggest jewelry purchase in any man’s life. However, there's bound to be a lot of questions. You want to choose the right ring, but you’re not sure where to begin. That's why we here at Ware Jewelers put together this beginners guide to engagement ring shopping.

We'll answer some of the most common questions we receive on how to buy an engagement ring. After reading this list you’ll know everything you need to get your partner a wonderful ring.
Are There Engagement Ring Rules to Follow?
Can Couples Shop for Engagement Rings Together?
How Do I Tell Diamond Quality?
How Do I Find A Woman’s Ring Size Without Her Knowing?

Are There Engagement Ring Rules to Follow?

Plenty of guys have heard about the age old ‘3 months salary rule’, but this isn’t always the best way to shop for an engagement ring. However, there is some truth to the idea of budgeting carefully over a period of time.You’ll need to budget your ring purchase carefully. Engagement rings are significant investments, and you want to make sure it won’t break the bank. After all, this will be the start of your marriage, and you don’t want to be off on a bad foot financially.
An engagement ring atop a $20 bill

The best rule of thumb for engagement ring shopping is to spend what you can afford. There’s no reason to go beyond your means. A marriage, and an engagement ring is a symbol of love. There’s no need to stress about spending a certain amount of money to make the gesture meaningful. Instead look for quality, and find something that works for you. What you spend on a ring is personal, no one will know at the end of the day. All that matters is that it makes you and your partner happy.

Many guys also wonder about the average price of an engagement ring. According to a recent jewelry study, the average engagement ring in the United States costs about $6,000. While most engagement ring purchases are between $6,000 and $11,000, Ware Jewelers has rings for every budget from $1000 to $100,000!

However, price isn't always the best measure of ring quality. It's important to know a bit about what makes a quality diamond before you go engagement ring shopping. We'll discuss this in more depth below.

Can Couples Shop for Engagement Rings Together?

Not only can couples shop for engagement rings together, but it happens more commonly than you may think. Though the idea of a total-surprise proposal sounds nice, your partner will be wearing the ring for the rest of their life--it makes sense to ensure it's a ring that they love. If you struggle with decision-making anxiety, or have no clue what your partner wants, there's nothing wrong with sitting down and having this conversation together. Remember that other aspects of your proposal can still be spontaneous, even if you do your ring shopping together.

The engagement ring is a symbol of your relationship, and relationships thrive on communication. Ultimately, involving your partner is the only way to ensure that the ring will be genuinely loved. It’ll make the process more simple and painless for you, and will almost certainly guarantee your partner’s satisfaction with the final ring.
A couple shops for an engagement together

How Do I Tell Diamond Quality?

For a quick primer on diamond quality, all you need to know are these four words: Color, Cut, Clarity, and Carat. These four words, known in the industry as the "Four Cs," describe the characteristics that determine a diamond's quality and price tag.

Color: indicates the presence of any tint in the diamond, with the highest-quality diamonds being completely colorless. The grading of diamond color is done using a letter scale, with the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) assigning the grade "D" to colorless diamonds and the grade "Z" to diamonds with noticeable coloration.
Multiple diamonds sharing different shapes and sizes

Clarity: evaluates the presence of "inclusions" or flaws within the diamond. Inclusions are non-diamond materials that become trapped during the diamond's formation. This includes bubbles of water and tiny particles of other minerals. While color and clarity contribute to a diamond's overall appearance, they have a lesser impact on its perceived size.

Cut: alongside carat size, this is the most important factor in determining how big your diamond looks. Cut refers to the symmetry and proportions of the diamond, specifically the flat faces of the gemstone (called "facets"). Well-cut facets reflect a significant amount of light, creating a dazzling and brilliant sparkle. This means that an "excellent" or "ideal" cut diamond will appear larger than its actual size.

Diamond carat size refers to the weight of the diamond. One carat is equivalent to 200 milligrams, and carat weights can also be expressed in points, with each point representing 1/100th of a carat. For example, a 25-point diamond would be equal to 25/100, or one quarter of a carat.

Keep in mind how these different aspects interact, and you can get the stone of your dreams on a budget that suits you. If you know what you really want, whether it’s a larger stone or a particular cut, the 4 Cs can help you better understand what you’d like to maximize, and what is not as important to you in a diamond. Ultimately the most important aspect of a diamond is whether or not you like it, so follow your own tastes and instincts!

How Do I Find A Woman's Ring Size Without Her Knowing?

Now, let’s say you know exactly what to get your partner. They’ve been super specific and helpful about what types of rings they’ve always wanted, and you know every detail to their ideal ring, except one key detail: their ring size! How are you going to figure out their ring size without spoiling the surprise? Thankfully, Ware Jewelers has a few helpful tips to make sure this sneaky mission is a success.
Ring sizing

These first tips require that you have access to their jewelry box. Now we wouldn’t suggest stealing a ring, but you’ll need to borrow one for this operation. Bring that ring to a jeweler, maybe you tell your partner you wanted to get it ‘cleaned’ (a very helpful thing to do!). There, a jeweler can give you the most accurate size. 

If you can’t get to their jewelry box, or if they don’t wear rings in general, we have a few more tips. Asking their friends and family is a great way to get the scoop without tipping off your bride-to-be. You could also pretend the ring is for something else and just ask them yourself. Of course, we recommend just asking, or bringing her in for a ring sizing, as just because they know the proposal is coming, doesn’t mean they know when it’ll happen. What’s worse, a slightly spoiled surprise because you asked her ring size, or a ring that doesn’t fit? 

Ware Jewelers: The Best Place to Get an Engagement Ring Near You

What you need is a trusted jeweler who can work with you, answer your questions, and find a ring that fits your specifications. You need a jeweler with experience, who is dedicated to customer service, and their craft. If you live in Alabama, come visit us at Ware Jewelers. You can also browse our collection of diamond engagement rings online.

We have locations in Opelika, Spanish Fort, Auburn and Montgomery. Every year, at each location, we give countless couples the engagement ring shopping experience of a lifetime. We can’t wait to unite you with the ring of your dreams!