5 Engagement Rings for Summer

No matter what is going on in the news or around the world, there is always room for love, and with that comes proposals. After the proposals comes the wedding, but as of late it has been very difficult to properly celebrate this big milestone for you and your loved one. With smaller weddings and even online weddings cutting down on your big day’s cost, why not splurge a bit more on the ring? Give your future bride a ring that showcases her style and can make up for the lack of a big party.

70 Round Brilliant Diamonds With .50ctw

Bling out where you can! Vintage doesn’t mean that you have to skimp out on the diamonds. This engagement ring gives you a vintage look for the bride that is more traditional, with a round diamond that has never gone out of style. This ring can be paired with a diamond band to add to its dramatic effect.

Noam Carver Engagement Ring with Petite Pave Band

We get it, sometimes all that sparkle doesn’t fit with your everyday style. Your bride should be able to enjoy their ring day in and day out, not just on special occasions. This classic style engagement ring features 20 round brilliant diamonds that are more than enough to make a statement without overstating. Splurge a little more on the center stone and say I love you!

Solitaire Engagement Ring

It’s all in the details. A solitaire diamond ring is classic and beautiful without needing much to stand out. The engraved details in this white gold ring give an added touch that is delicate and perfect to show off. A ring like this is also ideal for a bride with an active lifestyle, negating the fear of losing any diamonds and able to take a bump here or there.

Three Stone Oval Ring

Three is better than one in this situation! Oval diamonds are generally bigger than round cut diamonds, giving a more elongated look to the wearer (if that is something that they worry about.) With 16 brilliant round stones adorning the band, you can have all your stones on one finger without feeling overwhelmed.

Noam Carver Vintage Rose Engagement Ring

Vintage doesn’t mean that you pick the same ring that your grandmother might have picked. It’s about picking out the details that give them a more worldly look. This ring features beautiful leaf designs that complement the rose gold coloring, and have hidden diamonds to add some more shine as you move around.

This wedding season, spend a little bit more time focusing on the ring and know that the love you share is more important than any party. With Ware Jewelers, you can find the vintage or modern designs that you have been looking for!