2022’s Hottest Wedding Band Trends for Him and Her!

2022’s Hottest Wedding Band Trends For Him And Her!

Every new year brings new excitement. With winter beginning to fade and spring drawing near, couples around the country are beginning to plan their engagement and wedding day. Sure, there are plenty of things to consider in your plans, but one of the most important is rings! For those who haven’t quite dug into the multitude of wedding band styles and designs, we at Ware Jewelers have made it easy for you! Here’s our list of 2022’s hottest wedding band trends for both him and her!

Hot Wedding Band Trends for Her

Vintage Wedding Bands


Vintage wedding band

To start things off, we’re going old school with vintage wedding bands. Some things just never get old, and who can deny the classic elegance and chic style of a vintage wedding band?! Vintage wedding bands are definitely one of the hottest wedding band trends for 2022. 

The antique charm of this 14 karat white gold mil-grained band, complete with rounded edges, makes this .12ct vintage wedding band an absolutely stunning piece for your wedding day! 7 Brilliant Round Diamonds cover the ring’s top surface for that added antique sparkle.

Curved Wedding Bands


Curved Wedding Band


That’s right… curved wedding bands are all the rage, and we couldn’t agree more with how fantastic they look on your finger! Let a curved wedding band be brilliant all on its own, or couple it as a stacked ring with a delicate curved engagement ring. Add more stacked rings onto a curved wedding band for even more of those life highlights, like your anniversary or birthday rings for the kids!

This .47ct diamond curved wedding band features 11 Brilliant Diamonds set in a curved 14k white gold band. Can you say stunning?!

Emerald Wedding Bands


Emerald Wedding Bands


Emerald wedding bands are everything hot, trendy, stylish, and more for the year 2022! This stunning gemstone makes adds a burst of color to any wedding band. The birthstone for May and gemstone for the astrological sign of Cancer, emeralds occur in hues ranging from yellow-green to blue-green, with the primary hue being green.

Are you ready to add a trendy splash of color to your wedding day? An emerald wedding band from Ware Jewelers is most definitely a great choice! This stylish .18ctw diamond wedding band incorporates .32ctw of Emerald gemstones, alternating these green and crystalline clear diamond hues atop a 14K white gold band. Get in here, because this beauty won’t last long!

Bezel Set Wedding Bands


Bezel Set Wedding Bands

At Ware Jewelers, we’re happy to carry the most unique wedding bands for women, including a large selection of increasingly popular bezel set wedding bands. Bezel set wedding bands are unique in that they don’t feature traditional diamond settings, but rather incorporate a bezel setting design that cradles and supports the diamonds within the band’s surface. This design makes for a sleeker and cleaner look, all-the-while protecting the diamond stones from potential bumps, scratches, and damage more common in traditional ring settings.

This gorgeous bezel set wedding band from Henri Daussi features a single row of hand-matched diamonds. To further customize your look, this Henri Daussi ring is available with diamonds either halfway, or completely encircling the ring’s band. Simply glamorous!

Hot Wedding Band Trends for Him

Celtic Wedding Bands


Celtic Wedding Band



A classic style with a Celtic twist? You guessed it! Celtic wedding bands for men are all the rage, and we absolutely love everything about it. The traditional Celtic patterns that grace our vast selection of Celtic wedding bands at Ware Jewelers are a sight to behold! There’s no wonder these bold and artistic bands are so popular.

Just one look at this 6.5mm, comfort fit white and yellow gold Celtic band, aptly named “The Killarney”, and you’ll be mesmerized by its engraved traditional triquetra knot pattern. Stunning!

Hammered Wedding Bands


Hammered Wedding Bands



Although smooth, polished wedding bands have always been popular for men, hammered wedding bands have been rapidly gaining popularity over the last few years, and what’s not to love?! Hammered wedding bands feature a hammered finish that can be applied to the entire band, or just to specific parts of the band, such as the inlay. This hammered finish gives the band a one-of-a-kind rugged look that is equal parts modern and regal.

Stop into Ware Jewelers to check out our wide selection of men’s hammered wedding bands today, like “The Max”, a 6.5mm, comfort fit 14K white gold band featuring a stain hammered center and thin edges.

Two-Tone Wedding Bands

Two-Tone Wedding Bands


Two-Tone Wedding Bands


Classic. Chic. Bold. Unique. Men’s Two-Tone Wedding Bands are once again a popular choice and make our list of the hottest wedding band trends for men. Simplicity meets classic style, and a men’s two-tone wedding band captures this synthesis better than all the rest. The sharp elegance of yellow gold meeting white gold in this two-tone wedding band is simply jaw-dropping, and it's a look that never goes out of style!  Looking to shake things up just a little? We also have in stock a large selection of black and gold men’s wedding bands, too! This bold and daring color combo is really making a comeback, and we love it!

Check out “The Captain” here at Ware Jewelers. This 6mm, comfort fit wedding band features a polished center and polished round edges, perfectly showcasing the natural flow between the 14K white and yellow gold. Whether it be white, yellow, rose gold, or titanium bands, too, Ware Jewelers has the perfect men’s two-tone wedding band for your special day!

Be a Trend Setter with a Hot Wedding Band from Ware Jewelers.


What do you think of our list of 2022’s hottest wedding band trends for both him and her? We love these featured designs, but don’t let them fool you! If there is a wedding band style that you don’t see on this list, stop into Ware Jewelers or shop our wedding band page to peruse our huge selection of wedding bands for you and your partner! We can hear the wedding bells now, and we can’t wait to help you find that perfect band for your big day!