The Popularity of Diamonds: Then and Now

Diamond looks great and wearing it is a more amazing experience. Jewelry crafted from diamond holds a significant value along with the unmatched level of quality and beauty. This brilliance oriented stone is not new to people. Diamond has earned an immense popularity since the ancient time.

Historical Facts of Diamond

 The name Diamond is derived from the Greek word called “Adamao”. This means it means something that is too powerful to be defeated or overcome. Thus, people at that time have made diamond as a symbolic or you can romantic connotation to epitomize the love and trust. After diving into the mythological beliefs, we have found that diamond comprises magical powers that protect from any venomous attack or poison.

Discovery of Diamond

Diamond is originally first mined in India in the 4th century. In India diamonds have gained immense popularity more because of its brilliance and reflection ability. Ancient Indians used a diamond to fulfill their embellish motives, especially queens and kings from the aristocratic family use to accentuate their throne with it.

Diamond has also played a significant role in Indian battles. It was served as a talisman (Taveez) that is full of magical powers. This provides protection to warriors in battle. It also holds few powerful medical properties that were used to cure illness and wounds.

Journey: Diamond to Diamond Engagement Ring

 Diamond as a precious stone has gain immense popularity among couples. As rings were used to signify the couple’s commitment in the interim, so, couples expected more to create that wow expression in the moment. Then in 1477, people came across new thing when Archduke Maximillian of Austria offered Diamond Ring on an account of the engagement ring for his betrothed. Thus, this has ignited the trend of celebrating engagement ring through diamond rings. This how diamond has incorporated itself into an engagement ring.

Modern Diamond

Jewelers and Diamontologist across the globe are looking further to improve the level of brilliance and the quality of diamonds. Many leading gemological centers like GIA & IGI have provided buyers with quality measuring report that offer scale to measure the elements (Cut, Carat, Clarity, and Color). Not only this, various diamond cutting & setting techniques are available in the market. Furthermore, the continuous development & innovations in the world of diamond have ensured an amazing experience for the wearers.

Since the history, diamond has its exceptional value as a jewelry and as a stone. That’s why couples have made this a part of their auspicious rituals and symbolize their love and wedding vows through a diamond ring.

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The definitive Jewelry Guide

The world of Jewelry is not bound by a particular trend or set of preference of buyers. An ever-growing sector which thrives with fresh appealing items that are bound to leave the audience gasping for breath. Now, while it’s certainly an exciting sphere, the customers here and there are spoilt with the number of options at front of them. If you are looking to buy Jewelry and are still confused, worry no more.

The definitive guide is aimed at clearing all the pertinent questions that crop up in the minds of the buyers every time they visit the Jewelry store. The first thing to do in this regard is to set a budget beforehand. Only when you know how much you can spend can you actually explore the world of Jewelry with the best set of Jewelry in your possession.

Explore the different style patterns

There are Jewelry items which even after more than a decade remain relevant to the ongoing trends. The much of it can be credited to the material used to prepare a piece of Jewelry. Gold, for example, never goes out of trend. Pick any of the exquisite Gold jewelry i.e. Wedding Bands, Wedding rings, or Necklace and you are sure to catch more than few eyeballs in a party or a ceremony.

Take your time to look out for different style patterns and if you are looking out for Jewelry for a wedding or a get together makes sure to take the dress into the consideration.

Jewelry is an extension of your personality. So much so that people will even start to judge you by the ring that you opt for. So on one side, there are going to bucket loads of feedback make sure you are comfortable with the Jewelry you opt for.

Basic or something exquisite

An occasion is a major deciding factor when it comes to Jewelry. Do you want to keep it simple or want to revel in ultimate glory? For the professional environment, for example, you might want to keep it a bit sober with the basic stuff such as Wedding Bands and might want to avoid oversized earrings. However, as always it all comes down to personal choices.

Pearls, diamond studs or even an elegant stone studded watch, all contribute to your Jewelry wardrobe. One way to ensure that your jewelry has all the right items is to look out for the ongoing trends. So, next time you have to go to a party you know you have the right Jewelry at your place.

Know your Budget

Set a budget. Not only it helps to sort your search but also can help avoid overspending. It’s easy to be swayed away by the sheer elegance of a Diamond ring or a Necklace. Now, nobody wants to run high expenses and regret later. With the amount of variety available in the market you can rest assured that you will have plenty of options to choose within the set budget.

Check out for the local stores which can even help you with financial solutions with affordable plans.

While the above mentioned are the major considerations to choose the right Jewelry there are other points to consider as well.

Check for the Certifications

Certifications help you choose the right Jewelry which is set to shine forever. The standardized tests are devised to ensure the durability of Jewelry and it can help you negate any disappointments later on.

The credibility of the Jewelry Store

The Jewelry store you choose will have a direct impact on the price and quality of the Jewelry you opt for.  Check out the local stores in your area or you can also look online for reliable Jewelry stores in the vicinity.

Many Jewelry stores even provide warranty on the purchase which covers yearly cleaning or cover-ups required.

Gold spirit rings from Ware Jewelers to take your breath away

Choosing fancy rings to determine your style quotient in a fabulous way. You can sport these for an everyday wear the same way as how you would love sporting them for carefully selected occasions. Your grace, charm and persona reach an all-new upheaval when you select fashion jewelry, the right way.

Three stellar designs on stylish gold spirit ring out there:

Orange and blue war eagle ring

Orange and blue war eagle ring

You have a huge blue stone that stays right there at the center. The blue stone is supported by two orange stones on either side of the setting. This is a glamorous ring you can wear while attending birthday bashes or glitter-party events. It is the enigmatic 14K white gold that goes into the making. Choose the stunning dazzler and your jewelry collection can really be an invigorating one.

Diamond studs upon a rose-gold setting

Orange and blue war eagle ring (1)

Discover an all-new band that has the tint of rose-gold attached to it. The sparkling ring has 0.11 carats, added to the same. You can wear the ring at wedding events or formal get together events organized at your place of work. You can have the ring customized in varied sizes, as well.

Cocktail ring

Orange and blue war eagle ring (2)

This is a beautiful cocktail ring you will fall head over heels in love with. You have the unique ring showcased in the most attractive manner. The huge orange stone is adorned with delicately designed sapphire stones. You have 14K white gold, adding to the glitz and glamour. Show off this pretty looking cocktail ring and build your image on a neat platter.

These are the three designer rings you have from a leading fashion jewelry banner.

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10 Impressive Tips to Get Cash for Gold Effortlessly

Selling gold is the preferable way to get instant cash. Cash For Gold may leave you with the cash, but this process is quite daunting. To get the exact & fair value of your unused gold jewelry or gold, you need to ascertain the few important things that can help you to get exact value without being cheated or involved in any scam or foul play.


So, with regards to this, ABC DIGITAL UNIT of ABC News will educate you about the Cash For Gold Process. They going to support their teaching with the top 10 impressive tips that can definitely help you to get an accurate value for your gold.



By ABC News


In today’s swerving economy, stocks are out, and gold is in.

 The price of gold is up 20 percent since the beginning of 2011, and by mid-August gold was going for over $1,700 per ounce. At times on Monday, its spot price hovered near $1,900 per ounce.

So how do you cash in?

If you’re like thousands of Americans, you go to a gold party, the hottest trend on the block, where you can have your jewelry appraised and get paid cash on the spot.

But not so fast.

With every good deal comes a case of buyer’s and, in this case, seller’s beware, a reminder that consumers should do their homework before selling their jewelry at gold parties or in a local jewelry store.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) advises consumers that while gold parties may be a fun and convenient way to make some cash, they may not provide you the best deal.

 Follow these tips from BBB to make sure you’re getting the best value for your gold.

1. Understand the Scales
The weight of gold helps determine its value, but keep in mind that jewelers use a different measurement standard called a Troy ounce. U.S. scales will measure 28 grams per ounce, while gold is measured at 31.1 grams per Troy ounce. Some dealers may also use a system of weights called pennyweight (dwt) to measure a Troy ounce, while others will use grams. A pennyweight is the equivalent of 1.555 grams. Be alert that a dealer does not weigh your gold by pennyweight but pay you by the gram, a sneaky way for the dealer to pay you less for more weight of gold.

2. Know Your Karats Text

 Pure gold is too soft to be practically used so it is combined with other metals to create durability and color. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) requires that all jewelry sold in the U.S. describe a karat fineness of the alloy. One karat equals 1/24 of pure gold by weight. So 14 karats would mean the jewelry was 14 parts gold and 10 parts other metals. It is illegal for jewelry to be labeled “gold jewelry” if it is less than 10 karats. It is important to know the karats of your gold to make an informed decision on the scrap value of your jewelry.

3. Keep Your Karats Separate

 Don’t let jewelry of different karat value be weighed together. Some dealers will weigh all jewelry together and pay you for the lowest karat value. Separate your jewelry by karat value before attending a gold party.

4. Know the Value
 Call a local jewelry store or check with an online source, such as, to verify the current market price for gold before you sell. Some dealers know people are just looking for quick cash to put in their pockets and will offer you money for your gold that is lower than the actual value.

5. Know Your Buyer
 Check out jewelry stores and gold buyers registered with BBB at A BBB Business Review tells basic information about the business as well as any complaints and whether the complaints have been resolved when presented to the business by BBB.

6. Know What You Are Selling
Some gold items may be worth more when sold as they are, rather than if they are melted down. If your gold necklace or bracelet comes from a well-known designer or maker, it may have a value to some buyers beyond the gold it’s made of.


Check Out 4 More Tips @


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5 Awesome Tips to Select Perfect Wedding Jewelry

Buying a Wedding Jewelry is a major concern & biggest responsibility of the bride-to-be. Wedding jewelry is the crucial part of the trousseau shopping, thus every girl wishes to achieve the best version of the style on her special day.

So, if you are not able to select your wedding jewelry for your special day, we have bought 5 awesome tips that can help you to choose the gorgeous set of the wedding jewelry:


  1. Plan Your Budget

Budget is the foundation while making any investment, especially if you are investing in jewelry. Sometimes, while buying jewelry, the cost of the selected piece exceeds the expected budget, this may create a toll in your pocket. So, to avoid such situations, it is important to plan your budget. An ideally planned budget is very useful for custom designing of your jewelry because the customization portion of the piece depends on the budget.


  1. Match Your Attire

While choosing wedding jewelry, first of all, consider the style, color and design pattern of your wedding gown. After ascertaining aforementioned thing, choose the style of the jewelry. For instance, if you are choosing a wedding necklace, in this case, consider the neckline of your wedding attire. Choose the necklace that complements your attire & style etiquette.


  1. Choose Style Wisely

When it comes to choosing the style of the jewelry, especially wedding band, style of the band matters a lot. It is being considered that the style of jewelry defines the fashion sense of the wearer. So, make sure that choose the style of the band that complements the style etiquette of the wearer. Also, consider the style preference of the wearer, say if wearer loves classic & traditional pieces, then consider to embellish her style with the vintage style jewelry.


  1. Select Metal Type

Elegance in a jewelry piece comes from both diamonds and metal type. Therefore, wearer gets quite choosy while selecting the metal type of the jewelry. When it comes to selecting metal type, there is numerous option available such as White, Yellow & Rose Gold, Sterling Silver, Platinum, titanium, and much more. So, while choosing the metal type for the jewelry, always consider the skin tone of the wearer.


  1. Secure Your Jewelry

Jewelry is one of the biggest investment that human-made with the belief to earn more returns. Thus, it is important to secure your investment with the suitable Insurance policy. This will provide your piece with the ultimate security and leave you with the mental satisfaction. While securing your jewelry including the wedding band, check the pricing concept and extra cover policy, your jeweler offering you.


These are the few useful tips that can help you to select most stylish Wedding Jewelry that completely complements to the style & fashion sense of the wearer.


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Complete Guide to choose Pendants & Necklaces

The neckline is considered to be the most sensuous part of the woman’s body. To highlight their beauty, they choose gorgeous and statement pieces like Pendants & Necklaces that can make them look more beautiful & expressive. Thus, to achieve your desired look, you need to choose impeccable pendants & necklaces that complement your neckline & style as well.

So, if you want to own such Pendants & Necklaces, then Diamond Pro Guide has brought a complete guide to choose a perfect & stylish pendant & necklace pieces.


By Diamond Pro Guide


Pendants, necklaces and other kinds of neck jewelry designed for complementing the image of any woman, deserve special attention in the world of jewelry.

Pendants can be called an «independent» decorative element, which has no special requirements, like, for example, matching a ring or earrings (however, you have to follow this rule in case of diamonds or pearls). Moreover, this type of jewelry is a wonderful easy-to-choose present. The only thing you have to know is what style the person, you are going to give it to, prefers.

If you want to buy a necklace or a pendant wisely, for them to reveal good taste, pay attention to several details while choosing this or that piece of jewelry. I have written this guide to help you with the task. Here you will find the information on:


  • What pendants and necklaces exist
  • What pendants and necklaces suit different people
  • How to choose a chain for a pendant

Choosing a pendant or a necklace: First steps

 Although pendants and necklaces are considered «independent» jewelry, beautiful without adding anything, you still need a chain, a string or a necklet for wearing them. That’s why jewelers advise starting choosing a pendant with buying a chain. If you already have a chain to put the new pendant on, consider the following points:


  1. The pendant shouldn’t weight more than the chain, the correlation can be maximum 1:1. In case you ignore the rule, the chain may get worn off and broken. Then you’ll simply lose the jewelry.
  1. The color of the pendant should match the color of the chain. For example, a pendant of white gold can be worn only with a chain of white gold, silver or platinum.
  1. The chain shouldn’t distract from the pendant. It’s better to choose chains of simple styles.
  1. Pay attention to the clamp of the pendant, it should be big enough to get a chain, a strip or a necklet through.

Styles of chains

 There are unbelievably many kinds of chains, which differ from each other due to various styles. What depends on the style (the way of netting) of the chain? Both its weight and strength depend on the feature. What style to choose? It’s more reasonable to buy the chains, which can be easily bent in different directions. Such chains will be solid and perfect for wearing both light and heavy pendants. Try to avoid flat chains, as they are not very suitable for having pendants on them.


How long should a necklace be?

The right length is another important criterion for choosing a necklace. The necklace of the perfect length will emphasize the beauty of your face and figure. You need to choose the length of the necklace considering the few parameters: how tall a person wearing it is, what face shape and neck the person has. But let’s be consequent.

The length of the necklace can range from 10 to 48 in’. This variety of sizes is usually divided into two categories – short and long ones:


  • Short necklaces – from 10 to 24 in’
  • Long necklaces – from 25 in’ to …


Short necklaces from 18 to 22 in’ are an ideal match for different compact pendants. It’s perfect if you get a pendant with a small diamond and a thin 18 in’ chain. Such a combination will be a great option for any woman. Pearl beads of one 16 in’ long string will be a wonderful choice to match your evening dress. Pearls are great birthday and wedding presents. If you need to complement the classic style image, pearl suits best.


Be careful while choosing the shortest, from 10 to14 in’, necklaces. It’s reasonable to measure the neck in advance in this case. To figure out the size of the neck, take a piece of tape and wrap around the neck, see not to squeeze it too much. Measure the length you’ve got with a ruler. For example, you’ve got 13 in’. Add 2 in’. So the minimum size of your future necklace is 15 in’.

Long necklaces don’t match small pendants. You can wear 28 in’ long (and longer ones) necklaces in a simple way or fold them two or more times, which makes the necklaces shorter and adds them volume. A long necklace allows its owner to use imagination and experiment with the style.

Choosing the length of the necklace depending on how tall you are

 Another way of choosing a necklace is to consider how tall you are. The very long necklace can make a short woman look even shorter, while a short necklace can be simply lost in case a tall woman wears it.

Especially for my readers, I have created the following table:


Read the table of length and full guide @


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Comprehensive Guide to Choose Elegant Vintage Engagement Ring

Engagement Ring is not only a jewelry for a couple, it is a “Circle of Trust” that strengthen their wedding vows and make their life full of love and romance. To make their engagement a cherished moment and a surreal experience, the couple wishes to own the gorgeous ring to epitomize their unceasing bond.

Choosing a perfect engagement ring for a girl is a most daunting, especially when it comes to vintage style.

So, if you are also seeking to buy Vintage Engagement Ring for your future bride, then this comprehensive guide initiated by the Experts of Gem Gossip can help you a lot.



By Gem Gossip

 So you know that she wants a vintage engagement ring, but what now? This handy and comprehensive guide, written by the experts at Estate Diamond Jewelry will hopefully shed some light on a journey fraught with potential pitfalls for the uninformed, and make the whole process much easier than it otherwise might be.

 A Quick Rundown on the Vintage Eras

 We believe that understanding the vintage jewelry eras is very important. These terms are repeated endlessly throughout the vintage jewelry scene, and recognizing the vintage jewelry eras is the first step to beginning to understand vintage jewelry.

  • The Victorian Era spanned from 1836 – 1901
  • The Edwardian Era spanned from 1901 – 1915
  • The Art Deco Era spanned from 1920 – 1939
  • The Retro Era spanned from 1935 – 1950

The earliest era is the Georgian Era, spanning from 1714 – 1835, unfortunately, there aren’t many genuine Georgian Rings available on the market anymore. Most of the genuine Georgian rings are not in a stable enough condition to wear on a daily basis. The Art Nouveau Era, spanned from 1895 – 1910, and partially overlapped the Victorian and Edwardian Era. The Art Nouveau designs and motifs however, didn’t really lend themselves to be easily adapted to the traditional vintage engagement ring. The rings shown above can be found here.

The Four C’s and Diamond Quality

The Four ‘C’s of diamond classification are Carat (size), Clarity (flawlessness), Color (how “white” it is) and Cut (the quality of the cut and how the finished stone appears). A reputable dealer will happily go over each of these with you for any stone that catches your eye. Even if you have a modest budget, it is important that you feel comfortable and have a good understanding of the stone that you are interested in.

Also, bear in mind that compromising in one area will get you a strength in another. If size is important to you, you may have to compromise on clarity or color to find a diamond within your budget.

The Classes of Diamonds

  • Carat – The larger the number the heavier the diamond weighs. One carat weighs 200 mg.
  • Color – The whiteness of the diamond. The whitest diamonds are ranked as a D. The diamonds get more yellow as the letters move closer to Z.
  • Clarity – The clarity of a diamond ranges from F (no inclusions), IF, VVS1, VVS2, VS1, VS2, SI1, SI2, I1, I2, and I3 (included).
  • Cut – The cut measures the perfection of the facets of the diamond. There are four standard rankings: excellent, very good, good, and fair. (Please note that antique diamonds tend to rank lower on this scale because they were cut by hand.)

For a comprehensive walk-through on everything that you need to know about diamonds, click here.

Determining Antique Diamonds

Vintage Determining the age of a diamond accurately is very hard, even for experts, but we can give you a few tips to help you at least determine if the diamond is old.

  • The culet – If you look down the center of the diamond and see a culet (a rounded facet at the bottom) there likelyhood of the diamond being old is extremely high.
  • The table – The table is the flat surface at the top of the diamond. Current GIA standards favor a larger table surface. Older diamonds will usually have much smaller tables.
  • The girdle – A frosted girdle is good indicator that the diamond is old.

To explore the complete guide visit @


This guide will help you to acquire a perfect Vintage Engagement Ring that cannot help you would be wife to include old and classic taste to their styling regimen.

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How A Man Woo His Would-Be-Bride with Gorgeous Engagement Ring

We, at Ware Jewelers, are lucky enough to encounter tonnes of great user-experiences of our prestigious customers.

They do not choose us because of our name but more because of their choice and quality we offer.

We really take a pride in becoming true jewelry companion in the major events of couples’ life.

Here we will share a story of one of our happy client, who has praised not only for our jewelry piece but also for our trustworthy & reliable services.


Sam Keske was a prestigious client of ours, who was following us from email and Facebook Messenger. After 6 months, he visited us with the requirement of Custom Design Engagement Ring. He wanted us to design an awe-inspiring customized engagement ring for her gorgeous fiance.

With regards to this, we have arranged a meeting of Sam with our proficient designers and certified diamontologist. They have discussed and shared ideas to create long-lasting and an outstanding ring. From this, we have gained the detailed insight into Sam’s requirement.

Keeping his prime requirement in mind, we have worked day and night to create an amazing piece that exudes perfect flavor of romance. So, we provide a trendy & stylish engagement ring fabricated in the classic setting.

Our created ring has not only impressed his ladylove but also turned his ordinary lunch into a successful romantic date. Thus, with this ring, both the couples have agreed to share their sorrows and happiness equally for their whole life.

Impressed by our creation and high-end jewelry services, Sam Keske has left us with the value for money words and a lovely review:


“Got my wife’s engagement ring here while we were both in grad school at Auburn, and still enjoy visiting with everybody when we visit. The signature jeweler in Auburn, and family owned for many years – you may even catch Ronnie Ware on a good day. Great for Tacori, Rolex, John Hardy, etc., down to Christmas ornaments and glassware.”


These reviews have always worked as an inspiration and power booster to do well and keep our clients happy and satisfied.


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2018 Special Diamond Jewelry Collection at Ware Jewelers

We have acknowledged from the history that the relation of the woman and Diamond Jewelry is firm and ever-lasting. Wearing jewelry is not only to fulfill embellish motives, but it is a birthright of every woman to accentuate her look with jewelry.

With the changing time, we have seen the unprecedented growth in the design and style of the jewelry. Every year we encounter new and latest Diamond jewelry trends that bring the wave of newness and uniqueness in the world of jewelry. With regards to this, many renowned jewelers like Ware Jewelers are striving to establish a rich and value for money Diamond Jewelry collection.

In 2018, jewelers bring something special that can add a great level of charm and elegant to wearers’ style. Explore the 2018 special diamond jewelry collection:


Diamond Engagement Ring

 This new year has brought a new wave of contemporary designs along with the same romantic sentimental values. We, at Ware Jewelers, bring an exotic collection of diamond engagement ring that can make your romantic moments more special and unforgettable.

Keeping Diamond Jewelry Trends 2018 in mind, we have included Oval shaped ring, Halo Engagement ring, Three Stone Rings. Along with this, we have colored gemstones ring that completely accentuates your style.

Diamond Engagement Ring Collection of 2018

Diamond Earrings

 Earrings are the most noticeable jewelry accessory that can add a value to your style. Thus, every woman wishes to embellish her ears with something beyond perfection. In this 2018, Ware Jewelers have an awe-inspiring collection of diamond earrings including Diamond Studs, Hoop Earrings, and Colored Gemstone Earrings. Along with this, we can expect to see yellow gold earrings in 2018.

Diamond Earring Collection of 2018

Diamond Bracelets

 Bracelets have gain immense popularity across women. They largely prefer to buy the bracelet that exudes the perfect amount of brilliance and elegance. In 2018, we have brought the exclusive collection of Diamond, Gemstone, Pearl, and Silver Sterling bracelet that are exquisitely designed to add value to your overall look and style.

2018 Exotic Collection of Bracelet

Pendants & Necklaces

 In the year 2018, colored stones pendants and necklace are again in the spotlight. Women largely prefer to embellish their neck with both diamond and gemstone Pendants. Our 2018 Pendants & Necklace collection include Heart-Shaped Diamond Pendants, Cross Pendants, Colored Stone Necklace.

Ware Jeweler’s Exclusive Collection of Pendants & Necklaces


These were the few major collection of 2018 that can definitely leave you with the amazing look and tones of compliments. If you want to acquire custom design jewelry, then, you can give us a call at 334-826-9011 or visit our store Ware Jewelers located at 111 South College Street Auburn, AL 36830.

How to Remove Dirt from the White Gold Diamond Ring

Purchasing a jewelry is considered to be the biggest investment, especially when it comes to buy diamond ring. To keep this investment new brand, people do tones of efforts and looking for different of options. tried different things. If you are looking for the different ways to remove dirt from your White Gold Diamond Ring, then you should for sure read this blog.


Here, Amber Luck Ronning will educate you with the foolproof tips to remove dirt and keep white gold ring clean. The below tips will definitely help you to keep your ring clean and dirt proof.



By Amber Luck Ronning


White gold has become a popular choice for engagement and wedding rings. I have a lot of friends that will only wear gold if it is white, mostly because of the shine of its finish. To maintain its luster, white gold will require regular cleaning to remove dirt, soap and lotion residue, and other oils that can dull its surface. Luckily, cleaning white gold is an easy task. You could take it to a jeweler for professional cleaning, but a good maintenance washing can be done with products that you may already have in your cabinets at home. If you’re going to pay for quality jewelry, spending 20–30 minutes once a month for a decent cleaning is a worthwhile investment. Here are some simple steps on how to clean your white gold.


Steps for Cleaning White Gold


  1. Gather your white gold cleaning supplies.

    You will need a bowl, warm water, mild dish soap, baking soda, a soft brush, and a microfiber towel. Keep a colander handy, just in case. If you think it’s necessary, you can purchase a cloth designed specifically for polishing jewelry, instead of the microfiber towel. Inspect the jewelry you plan to clean closely, looking for loose gems or damaged prongs. Do this to avoid the panic and heartbreak of realizing that you lost a stone down a drain.


  1. Soak the white gold in a mixture of soap and water.

    Add a few drops of mild dish soap to some warm water in a bowl and give it a stir. Gently insert your white gold and let it soak for 10–15 minutes to help loosen any buildup. Never use hot water. Set a timer to remind you to take out the jewelry, as leaving it too long could damage some pieces.


  1. Clean your white gold with a soft brush and baking soda.

    Form a paste by mixing baking soda and a little water together. Apply a little paste, and gently scrub the white gold using a soft brush. You can buy special jewelry cleaning brushes, but a soft toothbrush will suffice. Be careful not to scrub too hard. The last thing you want to do is scratch the surface or wear at the rhodium plating.


  1. Thoroughly rinse the cleaners off the white gold.

    Rinse your jewelry under a gentle stream of warm water. If any cleaner residue is left to dry, it can dull the appearance of the white gold and attract more dirt. Be extremely careful because this is the step where you can really mess up. To avoid dropping a ring down a drain, a mistake that can take hours to rectify, either block the drain using the stopper or place the jewelry in a colander.


  1. Dry the white gold and buff it with a soft cloth.

    Drying carefully will remove any leftover cleaner residue and help avoid water spots. Take a soft cloth or microfiber towel, and pat dry the jewelry on one section of the cloth. Make sure to remove any moisture from the crevices. Use another section of the cloth to buff the jewelry, shining it to maximum luster. All that’s left is to sit back and admire the beauty.


Read More Tips @




If you don’t have time to invest in the cleaning of your ring or other diamond jewelry, then worry not, we at Ware Jewelers will help you. Our high-end jewelry services include Maintenance & Repairing Services that will maintain the newness and uniqueness of your jewelry.