Easy Way to Sell Your Gold for Cash

Selling gold is considered to be the best way to get some extra dollar that can help you to manage your other expenses. But there are some people who thought that selling gold for cash is a time consuming and daunting task. So, in today’s article RetailMeNot.com will compile the easy and hassle-free way to sell your gold for cash:


How to Sell Your Gold and Silver

By RetailMeNot.com


A few months ago, my boss, Kristen, came to me with an assignment: Figure out the best way to unload silver coins and old gold jewelry and write about it. It turns out that this wasn’t just a random story idea, as Kristen’s mother had recently dusted off a box of old coins and jewelry (and a few gold teeth- eeek!) from her attic and wanted to see just how much she could get for them. Despite my pressing questions regarding the origins of those teeth (I have yet to get an answer), I jumped on the research.


Why Gold and Silver are Making Headlines

What I found was some very useful information for individuals looking to unload old goods made of precious metals. People looking to sell gold and silver are not hard to find. After all, silver and gold have been making headlines in recent years, as the prices have soared to record highs. On August 22nd 2011, gold reached a new high of $1,908 per ounce, and on April 29th 2011, silver hit a 31-year high of $49.21 per ounce. Even though prices of both have slipped in recent weeks, gold has been one of the most profitable investments of 2011, with a gain of 22 percent.

Pawn shops and jewelers nationwide have reported increased interest in people looking to unload jewelry clanging around in the back of their drawers. Silver’s rapid increase has many looking to pawn family flatware and coins.

It may sound like easy money to slip into a pawn shop, unroll a velvet case full of silverware, and walk away with hundreds in cold, hard cash. ”Getting top dollar for your gold and silver goods takes a bit of research, not to mention math skills,” says Doug Eberhardt, a gold and silver broker-dealer and author of the self-published Buy Gold and Silver Safely. “You need to do your homework, and you need to shop around,” he says. “The amount that you will get will vary widely from place to place, and customers are easily fooled, since the price is always given in grams. I don’t know anyone in America who can convert grams to ounces, but many people are pleasantly surprised by the dollar figure offered and take it.”


How to Convert Precious Metals into Cold, Hard Cash

The first step is to figure out the price of your metal by going to Kitco. Prices are quoted in ounces, and the site also provides historic prices, so you can determine whether you want to sell now or wait for prices to rise.

Once you have figured out the price of your metal, use this tool to convert the price per gram, which a jeweler or pawnbroker will likely quote you, to the price per ounce.

Multiply that number times the percent of gold by karat: 14-karat gold is 58.3 percent gold, 18-karat gold is 75 percent gold and 22-karat gold is 91.6 percent gold. Alternatively, you can also plug the figures into a scrap gold calculator found online.

Finally, determine your bottom line. Eberhardt says that 70 percent of the metal’s market value is a good deal, but you should expect most places to offer 30 percent to 40 percent. “You have to make a decision as to what you think the item is worth, and who might give you more,” he says. “Not too many places will give more than 50 percent.”


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Hope this guide by RetailMeNot.com can help you to understand the importance of selling gold for cash and make this daunting process easy.

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Consider 4 Things When Selecting Jewelry for Men

It won’t be fair if we say that jewelry is an accessory for women only. Various historical evidences show that kings often wore jewelry to symbolize their status, wealth, and richness. Nowadays, the jewelry industry has begun to design a stylish jewelry for men as well. This is the reason that today most of the renowned jewelry store like Ware Jewelers provides a large and exclusive collection of men’s jewelry and accessories including engagement rings, wedding bands, Rolex watches, cufflinks and much more.

Men's Accessories

Shopping for men’s jewelry is considered to be a daunting task, In spite of having a numerous collection of jewelry for men. There could be many reasons like lack of research, lack of planning, and much more. So, in today’s blog we will enlighten you with a few essential things that can help you to select Jewelry for Men.

  1. Research

Research is the foundation of well-planned work. While shopping for jewelry, you need to do good research, especially when you buy jewelry for someone else or for your man. Mostly men are more choosy and particular about their looks and style. They can compromise on other things, but when it comes to their style, they want everything to be perfect. Before buying jewelry for your man, consider their preference, style antiquates, observe their fashion sense deeply. Check what kind of accessories he usually wears, notice their taste when they are shopping with you. These things can help you to understand your man likes & dislikes in terms of fashion very well.


  1. Choose Ring/Band Profile Carefully

While choosing Ring Profile for your man, the most important thing you should consider is his lifestyle. Check the durability of the ring profile and then purchase it. A wide variety of Wedding Band Profile is available in the market including:

  • D-Shaped Profile

    – This ring/band profile having rounded and flat interior design that reflects the true essence of traditional designing.

  • Classic Court Profile

    – This Band profile is rounded from interior to match the exterior portion.

  • Flat Ring/Band Profile

    – This band profile is rounded from both interior and exterior and comfortable to wear.

  • Flat Court

    – This profile features the exterior of a flat ring that is perfectly designed for men.


  1. Choose Ring Size

You need to be more careful while choosing the ring size of your man. Don’t get involved into guessing method, better to get an accurate size measurement. To achieve this, you can even ask his mother or sister, they can provide you with the accurate ring size. Nowadays, jewelers or online jewelry store provides you with ring sizes and various online tools that can ensure you with correct measurements.


  1. Consider Metal Type

After finding accurate ring sizing, now consider the metal type of the Wedding Band. Before selecting the metal type, consider the factors like comfort, price, and maintenance. Choose the premium-quality metal that is comfortable to wear. If your man is allergic to specific metal or jewelry made from the metal mix, then avoid purchasing such jewelry. Another thing that you should not forget is your Engagement ring, consider its metal while choosing the metal type of wedding band. There should be a perfect match in engagement ring and wedding band. Check out the varieties of Metal type.

Men's Accessories

These were the few things that you should for sure drill in your mind before making purchase jewelry for your husband, fiance, father or brother. Get the incredible deal on the exclusive collection of jewelry for men at Ware Jewelers.


Steps to Clean Your Diamond Earrings

Earrings are the evergreen piece of jewelry that can never fade out with the passage of time. In fact, numerous styles are there that can make earrings a preferable jewelry that can accentuate your look and enhance features of your face as well. For women wearing a pair of diamond earrings is the greatest pleasure. Therefore to maintain the brilliance of diamond earrings or studs, you need to be more particular about its cleanliness and maintenance. If you do not give regular cleaning to your earrings then stones or diamonds may lose its luster due to regular wear and tear.


In today’s blog, we will discuss 4 steps guide to clean your diamond earrings to maintain its luster. Checkout! The below steps and implement them today itself:


  • Step 1

    To clean your diamond earrings, you first need to remove the dirt collected in the diamond settings. To achieve this, put your diamond earrings in a solution of warm water and mild dish soap for at least 3 to 4 minutes. This can lose the dirt that settle at the back of diamond setting easily. Make sure that don’t use any dish soap that contains dyes or perfume because that can damage your stone.

Diamond Earring

  • Step 2

    Now it’s time to clean your earrings or studs gently. For this, take a soft-bristled toothbrush. Take an earring in your hand and scrub the earring gently with the soft hand in order to remove the dirt present in the diamond setting. Repeat this same step with another earring. After giving a good scrub, carefully put the earrings back into the soap solution and leave it for another 2 minutes.

Diamond Earring

  • Step 3

    In this step, take out your earrings from soap solution and keep them on a clean and soft cloth or on a paper towel. After this, clean your earrings gently with clean water. Avoid rinsing your earrings directly under the tap water because sometimes through heavy pressure of water, you could lose one in the drain of the sink.

Diamond Earring

  • Step 4

    Now tap the earrings gently in a soft cloth. After this, store your earrings carefully in a separate slot of your jewelry box to avoid any scratches. Remember one thing, a scratch on a stone or diamond of your earrings can diminish the value of your jewelry.


These were the 4 step guide that can help you to clean your diamond earrings or studs. Along with cleaning, we have also discussed the way to store your earrings that can maintain the luster of your Diamond Earrings. So, without any second thought, follow these steps and keep your timeless of jewelry new and shiny. Explore an exclusive collection of Diamond Earrings at Ware Jewelers. Visit us today or call us at 334-826-9011.

Autumn Jewelry Trends You Can Expect in 2017

It is true that autumn carries more gold in in its pocket than all the other seasons. Therefore, it is a new season, a perfect opportunity to do something new, bold, and beautiful. It is a high time to go for a changeover according to the autumn season.

Be it summer trends or spring collection, we have seen that Jewelry trends in 2017 have always emphasized on the individuality. Thus, new autumn jewelry trends are expected to be marked by variety.


To celebrate the spirit of the autumn season, we have come up with a few top Autumn Jewelry Trends that can give all the ladies a chance to transition themselves into an autumn mindset. So, in today’s blog we will highlight top 3 autumn jewelry trends that can be expected to see in 2017:


The Bracelet has made a huge comeback in the summer and expected to be seen as autumn jewelry trend. An Autumn Bracelet’s style includes diamond Bangle Bracelet, Gemstone Bracelet, Pearl Bracelet, Sterling and Stainless Steel Bracelet. The best thing about these jewelry pieces that they can go easily with any casual wear to the party wear. Get one for your wife, shop our Exclusive Collection Of Bracelets for every occasion.

Necklace & Pendants

Autumn Season is all about celebrating new & bold things and when it comes to jewelry, you may look for different ways to embellish your most sensual part of your body that is Neck. Necklace & Pendants are expected to be seen in this autumn. A wide range of Autumn Necklace & Pendant collection is available in the market, including Diamond, Gemstone, Pearl, and Sterling Pendants & Necklace. Explore the world’s finest collection of Diamond, Gemstone Necklace & Pendants.

Rings & Bands

This autumn season, we can expect to see a different style and custom design Rings, especially Engagement Ring and Wedding Bands. According to jewelry experts, nowadays, along with Diamond Halo engagement ring, gemstones and pearls are immensely populated among couples. However, this autumn may highlight customized and vintage style rings. Shop our awe-inspiring collection of elegant Diamond Rings that can not only accentuate your finger, but also add a vibe of delicacy to your style.


These were the top 3 Autumn Jewelry trends that can be expected to rule over in 2017. So, while shopping for autumn jewelry, consider these trends to add a worth to your jewelry collection.



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4 Popular Diamond Ring Trends

Looking for the Perfect and unique way to express your love to your partner? The Diamond Ring works best because Diamond is a girl’s best friend. Over the past few years, diamond rings with different styles, colors have become immensely populated among couples. When it comes to selecting unique and elegant diamond rings for a girl, plenty of options are available in styles, shape, color and much more.

So, in today’s blog, we will enlighten you with top 5 popular Diamond Rings Trends that are expected to be seen in the coming year.

Halo Diamond Rings

Simply put, Halo Diamond ring comprises traditional round and cushion shaped diamonds. If you want to own something unique for her and want to make her feel that how important she is for you, then Halo Engagement Ring can help you to achieve your desired goal. This stunning ring contains central stone and surrounded by smaller diamonds that can make your ring appear larger and shinier. When it comes to design, wide range of design options is available including multi-dimensional halo rings, curvy ornate halo and much more.


Three Stone Diamond Rings

This classic piece of the ring represents three round brilliant diamonds that symbolize your past, present, and future. This ring is also known as Trinity Ring. If your lady love is emotional and gives priority to sentimental values, then three stone diamond ring is the perfect choice for her. Thus, 2018 sees a fresh trend towards this classic piece of jewelry.


Twisted Diamond Bands

This classic ring includes diamond and precious metals in a criss cross setting that meets at the center and form a beautifully flowing shape ring. Over the past few years, Twisted Diamond bands/rings have gained tremendous popularity among couples. Twisted Diamond Ring symbolizes infinite love and twisting of two fates together. This ring is specifically designed for the woman who loves to wear bold style jewelry.


Gemstone Rings

If you want simple and unique style ring without the diamond, then you should definitely go to Gemstone Ring. It is being considered that the gemstone ring will never go out of style. When it comes to varieties, lots of amazing options are available in gemstone rings including sapphires, emerald, rubies, and much more. Gemstone ring can perfectly add a vintage vibe to your style.


So, these were the 4 most popular Diamond Ring which is popular in 2017 and can be expected to be seen in succeeding year as well.

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3 Common Mistakes to Avoid While Buying a Diamond Engagement Ring

Engagement is a major life event for you and an Engagement Ring is the perfect romantic connotation that not only make this event special and worthy, but it epitomizes the unbreakable bond of love as well. Thus, an engagement ring is one of the most significant purchases in your life. But buying the perfect Diamond Engagement Ring can cause a lot of stress.


So, before investing in a diamond engagement ring, it is important for you to understand few things about diamond rings that can help you to avoid following common mistakes:


Improper Examining of Diamond

While purchasing diamond jewelry, you might be happy by seeing its brilliance, but ignore other factors like cut, carat and much more. So, it is essential for you to examine the other factors, including Cut, Clarity, Color, and carat that may affect the quality of diamonds. This can be achieved through Diamond Education:

  • Clarity – Diamond having the clarity grade of VVS2 or higher will always offer a clear and an extraordinary brightness.
  • Cut – An ideal cut diamond will always offer tremendous sparkle, astounding polish and perfect symmetry.
  • Color – The diamond color scale range from A to Z. A preferable color scale for diamond is D, E AND F.
  • Carat – Carat refers to the weight and size of the diamond. Remember one thing that larger will be the diamond, lesser will the value.


Making the Price Your Priority

When it comes to buying Diamond Engagement Rings, you may come across various rings that are very costly and may leave you surprised, as a result, you may select cheapest that may be uncomfortable to wear. It is very important to consider budget while shopping for an engagement ring, but don’t let your budget overrule your other considerations. Buying an engagement ring is a one-time investment, so, buy a ring that looks amazing and comfortable to wear.


Ignoring Your Wedding Band

While purchasing your diamond engagement ring never ignore your wedding band. Always considered the attributes (metal types, style, color and much more) of your wedding band and make match accordingly. As a wedding band and engagement ring are worn next to each other, so, there should be uniformity in both the rings.


So, these were the common mistakes that you usually make while purchasing Diamond Engagement Rings. This article can prevent you from aforementioned mistakes and can help you to buy the perfect ring!


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Spell Out Magic with Diamond Pendants

If a gift is to express love, nothing can do it the way a diamond pendant does. There is something about the simple, unique design of the pendants that takes the breath away of your partner.  It is an everlasting piece of jewelry and all women want to have this sparkling gemstone in their collection. So, what is it about diamond pendants that make them so special? How can you find the perfect pendant for your special someone?

Aquamarine Diamond Pendant AL

Attract love with a diamond pendant

A diamond pendant set against a gold chain displays elegance and style. It is amazing to see your partner accept your gift of love and admiration in her eyes. So, you can count on the exclusive diamond pendant as a gift that will bring you and your partner closer.

Diamond Heart Pendant AL
Diamond solitaire pendant to match her style

A pendant made in diamond is such that whatever the size or design, the stylishness is equally great.  You can easily find the right one to match the style quotient of your girl, as there are many available at the jewelry store.

The love of a woman in a man’s life comes in many forms- a mother, a wife, a daughter or sister.

We are here to talk about your special someone. You can give your partner a pendant to flaunt her beauty and gracefulness.

What you waiting for? Mark your calendar with those special dates or any other red lettered social event and buy your partner a diamond solitaire pendant. After all she deserves it!  Head on over to Ware Jewelers or visit http://www.warejewelers.com/blog

Teardrop Pear Diamond Engagement Rings

Called the “teardrop”, a pear diamond is a modified take on of a round brilliant diamond, which means that it has 58 facets and breathtaking sparkle.  A pear diamond engagement ring sparkles on your finger. Its not a regular style you see every day, so whenever you spot it, it invites admiration. It is a stunning combination of the vintage round brilliant and marquise shaped diamonds.

Pear Shaped Ruby

Pear shaped diamonds give bride some room to play with the size of diamond cut & shape. The more distinct the ratio, the more dramatic the diamond. It is great to find a diamond that goes as extreme as possible with the length: width, but stick to the proportion that create a pleasing diamond.

As the diamonds are sparkling centaurs of the diamond world, with upper and bottom half being completely different shapes, they combine for an epic result. The combination between a round brilliant bottom (the belly) and the marquise upper half (that crowned in the point) is spectacular and gives the diamond all the benefit of a brilliant cut with the striking shape of the marquise.

Pear Shape Aquamarine Diamond

When it comes to increasing your pear shaped engagement ring budget, look for a diamond with H color or better with white gold or yellow gold setting. Thanks to the brilliant cut heritage, you can hide several inclusions with a pear shape and hunt for VS2-SI1 to save money for carat weight.

The strong options about the details of a pear shape- whether a “fat” is appealing or a “curved” pear, rather than one with straight sides, are wrong. Purchasing a pear shape with a big bottom and convex sides can save money over one with textbook cuts. The essential factor of evaluating the shape is symmetry. Pear shapes have a lot of personality.

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