How to Remove Dirt from the White Gold Diamond Ring

Purchasing a jewelry is considered to be the biggest investment, especially when it comes to buy diamond ring. To keep this investment new brand, people do tones of efforts and looking for different of options. tried different things. If you are looking for the different ways to remove dirt from your White Gold Diamond Ring, then you should for sure read this blog.


Here, Amber Luck Ronning will educate you with the foolproof tips to remove dirt and keep white gold ring clean. The below tips will definitely help you to keep your ring clean and dirt proof.



By Amber Luck Ronning


White gold has become a popular choice for engagement and wedding rings. I have a lot of friends that will only wear gold if it is white, mostly because of the shine of its finish. To maintain its luster, white gold will require regular cleaning to remove dirt, soap and lotion residue, and other oils that can dull its surface. Luckily, cleaning white gold is an easy task. You could take it to a jeweler for professional cleaning, but a good maintenance washing can be done with products that you may already have in your cabinets at home. If you’re going to pay for quality jewelry, spending 20–30 minutes once a month for a decent cleaning is a worthwhile investment. Here are some simple steps on how to clean your white gold.


Steps for Cleaning White Gold


  1. Gather your white gold cleaning supplies.

    You will need a bowl, warm water, mild dish soap, baking soda, a soft brush, and a microfiber towel. Keep a colander handy, just in case. If you think it’s necessary, you can purchase a cloth designed specifically for polishing jewelry, instead of the microfiber towel. Inspect the jewelry you plan to clean closely, looking for loose gems or damaged prongs. Do this to avoid the panic and heartbreak of realizing that you lost a stone down a drain.


  1. Soak the white gold in a mixture of soap and water.

    Add a few drops of mild dish soap to some warm water in a bowl and give it a stir. Gently insert your white gold and let it soak for 10–15 minutes to help loosen any buildup. Never use hot water. Set a timer to remind you to take out the jewelry, as leaving it too long could damage some pieces.


  1. Clean your white gold with a soft brush and baking soda.

    Form a paste by mixing baking soda and a little water together. Apply a little paste, and gently scrub the white gold using a soft brush. You can buy special jewelry cleaning brushes, but a soft toothbrush will suffice. Be careful not to scrub too hard. The last thing you want to do is scratch the surface or wear at the rhodium plating.


  1. Thoroughly rinse the cleaners off the white gold.

    Rinse your jewelry under a gentle stream of warm water. If any cleaner residue is left to dry, it can dull the appearance of the white gold and attract more dirt. Be extremely careful because this is the step where you can really mess up. To avoid dropping a ring down a drain, a mistake that can take hours to rectify, either block the drain using the stopper or place the jewelry in a colander.


  1. Dry the white gold and buff it with a soft cloth.

    Drying carefully will remove any leftover cleaner residue and help avoid water spots. Take a soft cloth or microfiber towel, and pat dry the jewelry on one section of the cloth. Make sure to remove any moisture from the crevices. Use another section of the cloth to buff the jewelry, shining it to maximum luster. All that’s left is to sit back and admire the beauty.


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If you don’t have time to invest in the cleaning of your ring or other diamond jewelry, then worry not, we at Ware Jewelers will help you. Our high-end jewelry services include Maintenance & Repairing Services that will maintain the newness and uniqueness of your jewelry.

Romantic Style Diamond Stud Earrings for Your Love

Every corner of the world is filled with vibes of love and romance and with this, every couple is ready to engage themselves in the conspiracy of the love. They look further to get the best possible gift for their loved ones on Valentine’s Day.

Finding a perfect Diamond jewelry especially Stud earrings is quite a daunting task, so, to make this thing ease, Josh Marion will provide you with the complete guide to select the gorgeous romantic style Diamond Stud Earrings.



By Josh Marion


Because they are both classic and versatile, diamond studs make the perfect jewelry gift – even if they are a present to yourself. However, with such versatility, the style options for diamond stud earrings are practically endless. It can be hard to know exactly which diamond shape, what level of diamond quality, and which setting style will suit your or your loved one best.


Use this handy buying guide to help you as you research and eventually decide on a gorgeous pair of diamond earrings.

 Quality Guidelines for Diamond Stud Earrings

 As you may have heard, the quality guidelines for diamond studs are not quite as strict as those for engagement rings. The reason is simple: engagement rings are more out in the open than diamond studs. People are more likely to ask to look at the diamond close up when it’s located on your hand for everyone to see. On the other hand, diamond stud earrings are often hidden by hair, and most people aren’t going to stick their face in your ear to inspect your earrings.


So, “eye clean” means something different when it comes to diamond stud earrings. In terms of the 4C grades, clarity and color are not as important to diamond studs as they are to engagement rings. This is especially true for clarity; small inclusions and even some tiny external flaws will not be as visible on an earring. You can also get away with a lower color grade, depending on one’s tone of skin and hair.


The one 4C grade that you don’t want to skimp on with diamond studs is cut. Ultimately, a diamond’s cut has the most significant impact on its appearance and sparkle.

Diamond Cuts for Studs

The most common diamond shapes used for stud earrings are round, Asscher, and princess cut diamonds. Basically, any diamond cut that lends itself to having equal proportions is well suited to be a stud earring. That is why the circular shape of the round and square shapes of princess and Asscher are so popular.


On the contrary, marquise and pear-shaped diamonds are the least common diamond cuts used for studs. Due to their distinctive shapes, it is too obvious to tell when pear and marquise cuts don’t have matching proportions. So, it’s difficult to find two matching stones that would be suitable for a pair of diamond stud earrings.

Diamond Studs & Carat Weight

If you’re shopping for an engagement ring or loose diamonds, the carat weight that you choose is mostly up to your budget. If you’re buying diamond stud earrings, though, carat weight can play a more important role. The Setting, side stones, and diamond bands can all make an engagement ring’s center stone appear larger.


Unfortunately, diamond studs usually have minimalist settings, meaning there is no way to “hide” a smaller carat weight. Also, keep in mind that if you are looking at a pair of diamond studs online, the “total carat weight” listed in the carat weight for the two studs combined, not each stud. Luckily, since you can save money on other 4C grades such as clarity and color, you may find room in your budget for a larger carat weight…..


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So, this Valentine’s day gives the gift of brilliance to your loved one and make this eve happy and unforgettable for them. Find the best collection of exquisitely designed Diamond Stud Earrings at Ware Jewelers.

Cash For Gold Tip: A Complete Guide to Understand Gold Weights

Selling gold is a great alternative to get the hard cold cash in your hand instantly. But, nothing in this world is risk-free, thus selling gold is not an easy nut to crack. Nowadays, selling & buying gold or gold jewelry is surrounded by various scams and foul playing that may mislead the seller of gold for cash. So, too aware you for such scams and foul plays, Cash Gold Exchange has brought a complete guide for you to get a detailed insight into the gold weights. To get the fair value of your gold jewelry, you need to command over your knowledge of gold weights.


Don’t Get Caught Out with All the Industry Jargon

By Cash Gold Exchange


As long as you have gold, you have a valuable commodity! Unfortunately, many of us are often misled when it comes to selling gold since we do not really understand the terms used in measurements.

Terms such as penny weight and grams are often floated around since they are units of measurement. The thing most of us don’t know is that regardless of what unit of metric system you use, the amount of money you get paid for your gold should remain the same.

Gold buyers often capitalize on your lack of knowledge and poor mathematical skills to play tricks that give you different prices on both measurements. That’s why you need to arm yourself with knowledge before you go out on selling gold for cash.

Pennyweight (DWT) and Grams Explained

Pennyweight, abbreviated as DWT, and grams are both acceptable measuring units.

Below we delve deeper into the measurements:

  • 1 gram equals 1.555 pennyweights
  • 1 troy ounce equals 20 pennyweight or 31.1 grams
  • Pennyweight is wrongly marketed to produce better price value
  • Grams are more acceptable in the global market

Pennyweight is a unit of a gram in the same way that inches are a unit of a foot. One gram has 1.555 pennyweights. If you are therefore looking to sell in grams you will multiply the pennyweight you have by 1.555 and if you are looking to sell in pennyweight divide your pennyweight by 1.555.

Troy Ounces Trick

Gold is also weighed in troy ounces. 20 dwt will make up a troy ounce and when it comes to grams, 31.1 grams will do. The thing you should always remember is that the weight will always remain the same. 31.1 grams weighs exactly the same as 20 dwt. A good example would be inches and feet. 1 foot is made up of 12 inches so should the price really differ when you buy 12 inches? The answer is obviously no but when it comes to gold, buyers will try to dupe you into believing that the price differs and this is what confuses most sellers.

Buyers will try and make you believe that if you sell by pennyweight you get a better price which really doesn’t make sense because the weight hasn’t changed.

Shop Smart

As you can see, it is really easy to be confused when selling your gold. And this is why you can find many people who report having bad experiences when selling, especially to the likes of pawn shops.

The good news is that you can protect yourself from bad buyers.  The four items, below, will help you ascertain the likelihood of getting a good price:

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If you want to acquire the fair amount of your gold or gold jewelry without being involved in any foul play or scam, we, at Ware Jewelers will help you and ensure you with the appropriate Cash For Gold amount. Visit our store located at 111 South College Street Auburn, AL 36830 or contact us on 334-826-9011.

Diamond Jewelry Trend Predictions For 2018

As 2017 is passed away by giving few lessons, sweet & sour memories to memorize and much more things. Every new year brings a lot of new things with it, especially if it comes to fashion & jewelry for women. This 2018 is considered to be the most hit year in terms of new outfits and trendy jewelry. Renowned jewelry designers across the globe have made Diamond Jewelry predictions that we can expect to see in 2018.

So, in today’s blog, we will share the few major Diamond Jewelry Trend Predictions For 2018. Hope these predictions can help you to plan for your jewelry purchase easily and quickly.


Ring is the most noticeable part of the jewelry collection that can draw tonnes of eyes on the finger. This 2018 brings the new style, new design and a vibe of color. We can expect to see the prevalence of colored gemstone rings. Colored stone rings are considered to be the most sensual way to add colors to your style. Coming on to the setting, Halo, Stackable, and Three Stones rings have earned an enviable reputation in 2017 and can be seen in 2018 as a most popular ring setting.


Earring is the best embellishing accessories that can upgrade your outfit as well. This piece has the power to make your outfit extraordinary from ordinary. In 2017, we have seen the immense popularity of the diamond studs as party wear jewelry. In 2018 as well, we can expect to see the magic of Statement and Hoop earrings along with the drop earrings. Along with this, we can expect to see yellow gold earrings in 2018.


Bracelet is considered to be the most favored accessory that has gain immense popularity since history. Every year we find something new in terms of design and style. In 2017, we have seen that wearers largely preferred to buy Tennis Bracelet because of it’s unique style and contemporary design. Now in 2018, we can expect to see Colored diamond and two prong diamond bracelet.

Pendants & Necklace

In 2018 we can expect to see the colored stones Pendant & necklace seat. Therefore, we can say that 2018 is the year of color. Pink & red gemstone pendant can be expected to stand out in 2018.

These were the top 4 Diamond Jewelry Trends that can be expected to see in 2018. Thus, in 2018 predictions, we have observed that colored stone jewelry has more significant. The element of color can be seen in every piece.

So, if you are looking for elegant and stylish Diamond Jewelry, then, try your hands on the exquisite collection of stylish and trendy jewelry at Ware Jewelers.

3 FAQs to be Considered for Jewelry Repair

As you worn jewelry on the daily basis, so, over the course of time it may lose its sparks and shine or sometimes your pieces may likely to break. This may create stress in your mind. Worry not, today Quick Jewelry Repairs have brought top 3 FAQs that are must be pondered before getting your jewelry repaired. These FAQs can help you to get the high-end Jewelry Repair services:


By Quick Jewelry Repairs


You’re in need of a jeweler to repair a keepsake watch or restore an heirloom jewelry piece.  Should you bring it to a large well-known jewelry retailer or a small local jeweler?  Who can you trust with your priceless piece?

Here are the 3 best questions to ask a jeweler before leaving your jewelry or watch with them for repairs:


Are your jewelers and technicians Bench Certified?

A Bench Professional Certification Program establishes national standards to ensure proficiency of bench jewelers at various levels.  It is crucial that your jewelry or watch repair technician has received nationally recognized Bench Certification.  With certification, you can feel confident in the ability of the jewelry or watch repair technician to perform quality work.

All QJR jewelers and technicians are experienced Bench Certified jewelers with years of practice.  They are certified, background checked, and work under video surveillance for maximum security.  We believe that if we wouldn’t trust someone with our own jewelry, then we wouldn’t let them handle yours.


Will my jewelry or watch be fixed in house or sent out to a different location?

In most cases the answer is a “No”.  If for some reason the repair requires additional services that the on site jeweler cannot service, we will first ask for your permission to have the item shipped or hand carried to the additional jeweler who can repair it.

We already know shipping your precious jewelry or watch can be worrisome, and we assure you that all jewelry and watch repairs are done in-house at our Quick Jewelry Repairs facility in NYC.  Our highly skilled jewelers and repair technicians are extremely experienced and can service almost any jewelry or watch repair need (we’ve been in the jewelry business in NYC since 1981!).


What process do you have in place to ensure the gem/diamond I sent is the same one I am getting back?

We know this is a burning question for you when deciding to leave your valuable jewelry/watch in the hands of a jewelry repair service.  How do you now that the diamond/gem wasn’t swapped during the repair process, and it is in fact the same diamond/gem?

If you ask, an honest jeweler will be willing to take the time to show you your diamond under a microscope so that you can recognize the characteristics unique to your diamond (each is different and has individual traits). You should also ask to be shown the diamond when picking up, so you can feel confident that your diamond has been returned to you….


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If you are looking for professional Jewelry Repair Services at an affordable price, then don’t look further, visit at Ware Jewelers. Our extensive array of Jewelry Repair services includes:

Maintenance services – Repair, Refinish, and Refurbish of jewelry.

Repair services – Ring Sizing, Mountings, Stone Replacement, Re-Tipping Prongs, Jewelry Cleaning & Polishing, Clasp Replacement, and Custom Jewelry Designs.

Diamond Jewelry that Goes Perfect For Your Wedding Dress

When it comes to achieving perfect elegance, attraction, and sparks in your bridal looks, it is not necessary that you need to embellish yourself with lots of jewelry. In fact, lots of jewelry can ruin your bridal attire and can make you look like a jewelry store that showcases jewelry collection. As now you have found your wedding gown, so, now its time to find the perfect finishing touch accessories. Thus, while choosing your bridal jewelry, you need to be careful and determine some factors.

Here, we will enlighten you with the top 4 factors that you should determine while choosing Diamond Jewelry for your special day:

1. Match with Your Wedding Dress

Bridal beauty cannot be achieved alone with the wedding attire, there should be a perfect synchronization between your jewelry and dress. Choose the style, design, and color of your jewelry that complement your wedding outfit. Like for example, if your wedding gown is strapless and is of white color then you should prefer buying White Gold Diamond Jewelry or Pearl jewelry because it works well with your white gown.

2. Avoid Wearing Excess Accessories

If all jewelry looks tempting and amazing, it doesn’t mean that you going to own it and if you are purchasing it then it is not necessary that you going to wear it. It is being suggested that focus on quality rather than quality. Wear less, but best jewelry on your special day. We know that being a bride, it is your right to accentuate yourself completely, but overdoing it can mar your bridal look and feel. Remember one thing, you wear jewelry to outshine your look, not to highlight your jewelry. So, choose & wear it accordingly.

3. Consider Neckline & Neck Silhouette

The necklace is the most important part of wedding jewelry because it is the most noticeable part of our body. Thus, to accentuate it, you need to check the neckline of your wedding dress and Neck silhouette. Prefer the style that perfectly complements your neckline and neck silhouette.

For example: If your wedding dress has sweetheart Neck or strapless neckline, in that case, you can for sure consider wearing short length necklace. 

4. Add Classic Touch to Your Attire

If you want to make your bridal look simple yet elegant, then consider to include Vintage jewelry in your trousseau shopping list. This old is gold style concept can efficiently outshine your bridal beauty and leave you with the thousands of compliments. You can also consider wearing your mom’s or granny’s old heirlooms that can add a classic touch to your style and make you look gorgeous.

These factors can help you to acquire the world’s best quality-grade and stylish Bridal Diamond Jewelry for your special day. Thus, select your wedding piece that complements your look, personality, skin tone, and most importantly your wedding dress. Go for these points and get your Wedding Diamond Jewelry.

7 Points Guide to Choose Certified Loose Diamonds

Women are so fond of wearing and collecting diamond pieces that sometimes it seems they are more worried about the number of diamonds they have then the number of pimples on her face. Hhahhaa…(LOL).

Well jokes apart, buying a jewelry, be it Gold, Diamond, Pearl or Gemstone is a great investment you do in your life. In turn, you expect greater ROI that can refine your jewelry experience. If you are investing in diamond jewelry, you need to focus more on the quality and authenticity of the diamonds. If you want to get premium-quality Diamond jewelry, then consider buying Certified Loose Diamonds for your jewelry. How?

So, if you are looking for the different ways to buy certified jewelry, then, Devorah Isenberg will enlighten you with the 7 points guide that can help you to grab the finest quality Certified Loose Diamonds.


By, Devorah Isenberg

Diamonds mean different things to different people. Besides being the proverbial girl’s best friend, diamond is the hardest known natural substance and the ultimate symbol of strength, durability and love, and one of mankind’s most treasured natural resources. To own a diamond is to hold all of that value in the palm of your hand.

You can buy a diamond in many forms—from the classic engagement rings to diamond-encrusted watches—but the simplest and most direct way to buy diamonds is to buy a loose diamond. A loose diamond is simply a diamond that has not been set into a piece of jewelry. Once you buy a loose diamond, you can have it set into the jewelry item of your choice, or simple treasure it for its singular beauty.

Buying a loose diamond is easier than most people think. These seven tips make it convenient and safe.

  1. Before you even start diamond shopping, you set a budget. Decide how much you can afford to spend on a diamond right now, based on your financial status and the purpose of the diamond. If you plan to get the diamond set or have a piece of custom jewelry made for it, factor that into your budget as well.

  2.  To find the best source of loose diamonds, ask around. Talk to friends or coworkers who have bought diamonds in the past, and frequent several online diamond forums to find out where the best loose diamond merchants are. One friend may have had a great experience at a neighborhood jeweler, while online reviews may point you towards an e-tailer with great prices and customer service. Some vendors may carry proprietary brands not available elsewhere. For example, the internationally acclaimed A CUT ABOVE® Hearts and Arrows diamond is available exclusively at Whiteflash.

  3. To ensure that you are shopping in a safe, secure and trustworthy environment, whether online or in a physical store, look for loose diamonds certified by a reliable gemological laboratory such as the GIA and AGS. In-house appraisals can provide additional information, but your loose diamond should come with an independent lab certificate to ensure that you are getting what you pay for.

  4. When you find a reliable vendor, ask to see different kinds of diamonds within your price range. You will notice that as you decrease one factor, such as carat size, the diamonds in your price range will increase in other factors, such as cut quality. Which factor you emphasize is up to you, ultimately, but loose diamond experts recommend always buying the highest quality diamond you can afford, even if it is slightly smaller than a stone or of slightly lower color or clarity. But educate yourself well—sometimes increasing factors like color or clarity makes no visible improvement beyond a certain point…..

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This guide can definitely give you the in-depth knowledge and better understanding of the Loose Diamonds. Thus, to grab the finest quality Certified Loose Diamonds, you can rely on these points without any second thought. Explore more about Loose Diamonds at Ellis Fine Jewelers.

Diamond Jewelry: Perfect Christmas Gift for Your Wife

Christmas is not just a day to distribute gifts and decorate the Christmas tree. It is the perfect time to celebrate the spirit of God’s incredible gift – Love. Thus, it is a festival that waves a magic wand of love and people hold this wave of love in hand and create beautiful memories that will last forever. So, if you are also among those who are planning to celebrate the spirit of love & unceasing bond with your wife and looking for something unique and romantic gift, then you should once read this blog.

Here, we are offering 4 jewelry ideas that you can for sure consider gifting as a Christmas gift to your wife.

Diamond Rings


Rings are perfect jewelry that can not only embellishes the finger of your partner, but also add a classic touch to her individual persona. In fact, every girl and women wish to own a stylish and timeless piece of Diamond Rings on every festive season. So, you can think to gift her stylish Diamond Ring. You can gift her Diamond Ring, Gemstone Ring or fashionable Pearl Ring.

Explore Premier Range of Diamond Rings



Another thing that can bring a fine smile on her face is Bracelet. Women love to carry a piece of elegance on their wrist. To fulfill her wish, you can also think of the Bracelet. Whether you want to gift Diamond bracelet, Gemstone bracelet, Pearl bracelet or silver sterling, make sure that the color bracelet should complement the skin tone of your partner.

Discover the Exquisite Collection of Timeless Bracelets

Pendant & Necklace


Pendants & Necklace are the most important part of the jewelry collection because it accentuates the most sensuous part of your body that is Neck. If you want to gift necklace or pendant to your would-be bride, then consider her neckline of her wedding dress. Always select Necklace or Pendants that complement her neckline and color of her wedding dress. For instance, if she is planning to wear the wedding dress with strapless neckline, then short necklace will look best on it.

Expresses Love and Admiration with Our Awe-Inspiring Pendant Collections



Earrings can also be the perfect option for Christmas gifts, especially if your wife like something unique that blend tradition with style. There are various earrings styles that you can consider for your wife. But you need to be cautious while selecting the style of earrings for her. Always go for the style that complements her facial features and if you want to buy colored stone earrings, then consider her skin tone.

Raise Your Style with Our Unmatched Collections of Earrings


These were the few best Christmas Gift Ideas that can for sure take away her breath because of such nice and elegant pieces. If you want to discover a great deal on Diamond Jewelry, then visit us at Ware Jewelers.



5 Things that make Ware Jewelers a Most Reliable Store Across Alabama

For a woman, when it comes to beautifying her style, the things she could believe are Jewelry, cosmetics, and makeover. On top of all these, the thing which matters most is Quality. Every person, who spent the large amount, wishes to acquire world’s best quality of products and services. Therefore, to get premium-quality things, especially jewelry, women look for numerous reliable jewelry stores. Reliable and trustworthy jewelers or jewelry store will always provide you with the jewelry that can ensure you with the real value for money.

If you are residing in Alabama and looking for Professional Jewelry services that can ensures you with authentic jewelry pieces as well, then you should once think for Ware Jewelers. Why? In today’s blog, we will reveal 5 things that make Ware Jewelers, a most reliable and professional jeweler store across the Alabama:

  • Quality & Grade

Quality & Grade

We are providing jewelry services since 1946 with the prime aim to ensure people with the premium quality piece. To achieve this, we have a dynamic team of certified d demonologists, experienced Silversmiths, and Goldsmiths. They are loyal to their designations and provides you with each and every information of the piece you want to own. Along with this, they will also handover you the Diamond Quality Grade Report that gives you the detailed insight into the quality of your purchased diamond jewelry.

  • Endless Possibilities in Design & Style

Design & Style

Today, we are considered as the area’s oldest continuously operating, family jeweler. We are also renowned for our exotic collections of diamond jewelry that are exclusively designed by the most experienced jewelry designers. We always try to bring new and fresh collections in every season. When it comes to design and style, we always feature stylish jewelry, whose designs are truly inspired by the beauty of nature, literature and vintage styles.

Along with this, we are also master hand in transforming your dream jewelry to the beautiful awe-inspiring piece. We have a team of expert designers, who are proficient in handcrafting your ideas and dream jewelry that compliments your style and make you look gorgeous.

  • Maintenance & Repairing Services

Maintenance & Repairing Services

If you want to maintain the luster of your diamond jewelry, then you require a proper care and maintenance of your jewelry. Therefore, to help you in keeping your heirloom clean and shiny, we provide you with a full range of professional maintenance & repairing services.

Maintenance Services – covers a wide range of items including Repairing, Refinishing, and Refurbishing of jewelry.

Repair Services – includes ring sizing, mountings, stone replacement, re-tipping prongs, jewelry cleaning and polishing, clasp replacement, refurbishment & custom jewelry designs.


  • Appraisal & Insurance Services

Appraisal & Insurance Services

Everyone needs protection and insurance for their purchase, especially when it comes to Automobile, House, and Jewelry. Keeping this in mind, we offer high-end Jewelry Appraisal and Insurance services that can ensure you with complete protection of your jewelry. To achieve this, we employ four of Alabama’s ten Certified Gemologist Appraisers of the American Gem Society.

  • Gold Buying Services

Gold Buying

At Ware Jewelers, we are also involved in the business of buying unused gold or gold jewelry. We have a team of sales and service professionals who are dedicated to providing the fair price to the customers for their unused jewelry. Here we buy all kinds of unwanted gold and platinum jewelry.

The core value of our business is that “our every customer is our friend and we promise to provide them the personal attention and professional expertise.” Therefore, these were the top 5 things or features that entice people to visit at Ware Jewelers and try the exotic collections of stylish Diamond jewelry and services related jewelry. For more information, visit us at Ware Jewelers.